Tuesday, 21 September 2010

So...my first blog post! I don't really know anything about 'how to blog' (not that there is an exact art!) but having been inspired by Alex at Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks, Jen at A Little Bird Told Me and Vix at Vintage Vixen I thought I should give it a go, even though this blog will probably just end up as the ramblings of an online shopping addict!

I'll do the picture thing soon...I need to get my camera working first...

In the meantime here is my newest purchase and my newest lust item: (as soon as I buy something, I want something else, I'm sure you know how it is!)

Isn't she gorgeous? It's from MaxC, my new favourite website. The only bad thing is that it said it came with a long strap, but didn't, and when I emailed them they said they'd put the wrong info up. So I'll have to make my own to save my shoulders from heavy bag pain!

 These pink brogues are what I want to buy next, after seeing them on A Little Bird Told Me. Unfortunately I'm completely out of money, and what with going on holiday soon (Turkey a week today, WOOOOOO!) they'll have to wait - or go on sale, fingers crossed!