Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Summer sun, something's begun...

Hello everyone!

I haven't posted for a while because I had a long weekend in Cornwall for my boyfriends sisters wedding. It was such a great wedding - I feel really lucky to have such fabulous people getting married around me! This weekend we've got the third within six weeks, and then the next one isn't till October, phew!

Here's a pic of the Topshop dress I wore:

I'm wearing it again this weekend, but with a different bra! I felt bad for having it all hanging out but I didn't realise how bad it would be be until it was too late!

And now today's dress:


Another ebay success, I love this! Really comfy and an easy zip-up top half. It's long enough to wear with bare legs as well. Wearing leggings/tights seems so long ago now!

I've actually employed a secret trick with my dresses so far in this hot weather that's worked well and make a lot of people smile...I'll tell you all about it in the next post - with pictures!

Danni x

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

It's all in the details...

I'm really liking my outfit today, even though it's completely creased (really must use an iron more often) and the hem has fallen down on my skirt so I'm sat at my desk sewing it up - my colleague had a little sewing set bless her! Must get me one of those.

The outfit is pretty simple - a white tshirt from H&M and a Dorothy Perkins mustard coloured skirt I got in the sale for about £5.

I'm wearing a few accessories with it that are the most pleasing elements of the whole ensemble!

Firstly a gorgeous grey and white polka dot short jacket, here's just the pattern (I'll take a better picture next time!)

I got this in a charity shop. Also from a charity shop for about a pound, this crazy cool scarf:

Then the jewellery; in the summer I always get back into the habit of wearing a few random bracelets along with the beaded one I wear all year round, I love this look and always eye up other people's bracelet collections! I'm also wearing a Marilyn Monroe cuff that my boyfriend bought me. I love the red lips.

Danni x

Monday, 11 April 2011

Living for the weekend

Hi all, I hope you had lovely weekends in the sun. Brighton was gorgeous, I spent all of yesterday sat on the Lawns drinking cider and black from a plastic wine glass and chatting to my friends. I do have one burnt shoulder to show for it today though.

My friend and I spent Saturday attempting to make a cake for a childrens party. Although I did drink a couple of glasses of wine whilst baking, we didn't expect our hard work to turn out like this:

Nicely decorated though!!

On Saturday I wore this dress from Dorothy Perkins:

I've seen this on a few blogs lately, there's a lot of love for it! If anyone's thinking of buying it I'd definitely say go for it. The only bad thing is that it creases quite easily especially if you're hot.

On Sunday I wore this dress from Primark:

With a straw bag you can just about see (also from Primark), some Dorothy Perkins wedges from ebay, and an ice-cream necklace from Temporary Secretary:

I bought some cute material for making a dress, but when I laid out the pattern (a 1975 one that I'd bought from ebay) it was so confusing, and I need to make it bigger which I'm not sure about...I ended up wimping out and going outside, but at least I've got everything ready to go. I'm going to look at some websites and watch some youtube tutorials to help me understand what I'm doing. Any tips would be appreciated!

Danni x

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Play it again

Apologies in advance if this post doesn't make loads of sense, I sat in the sun for an hour with my book and I feel all woozy now. The office is really quiet, I wonder if anyone would notice if I had a nap under my desk?

Right, the vintage playsuits. I wore this grey one yesterday along with the ring in the following picture (£3 from Dorothy Perkins):

I think it's good for work, quite a smart colour and also nice and light for the warmer weather.

This was the other playsuit, my friend and the shop-guy liked this one best, and said the other one made me look like an old lady, but I knew that if I didn't get the grey one I'd regret it! I took the shoulder pads out of the grey one to streamline it a bit but I've left them in this one for now.

They were £16 each from a little shop in Brighton Laines called Second Post.
What do you think?

Danni x

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

10 Things I Love...

I was tagged by the lovely Clara at Clazzerati for this 10 Things I love post.

Man, I find these posts really hard. First I couldn't think of anything, and then I realised that actually whittling down all the things you love to just ten is really hard. So I cheated of course!

Only a bit though. Some of the pictures represent more than one thing that's all.

So here goes.

10 Things I Love (in no particular order)

Dresses. As you know I buy and wear a lot of dresses. I love them. They're flattering for my figure, pretty, easy to wear, come in so much variety. Even though I said no particular order I think dresses came first for a reason.

Charity shops. This also represents vintage. And shopping. I love charity shops because it's so much fun to look around them, seeing the crazy things that people don't want any more, and finding a bargain for yourself. There's a lot of vintage in charity shops at the moment and you can try out styles that you can't find on the high street, you can feel like you've got a little piece of history, and let's face it, the gals back in the 40's and 50's had STYLE, which if you emulate can make you feel pretty damn good too.

CSI. Ahh I love CSI. I hardly watch any TV except this. It's as comforting to me as a warm bath and chocolate. My boyfriend always laughs at the crap storylines and ridiculous lines in it, but I don't watch it for the quality. It just comforts me to have it on. But don't try to talk to me about it, because I don't actually know any of the long-term storylines or even most of the character names, despite watching it for about three years. I know that's weird.

This is actually to represent my real friends, although obviously I love the TV series too. My friends are a lovely, gorgeous, crazy bunch and I love them loads. You know who you are!

MMMMM crispies. These are my favourites, but this is representative of food generally. I eat loads. My favourite food is a salt and pepper baguette with tons of butter, some salad cream or coleslaw, pickled onions and then crisps on top. Yum.

This picture is for two things; cider and black, and books. (Taken with my iphone and a cool app called Instagram to make it look old like.) I read all the time. Constantly. I always have a book near me, I hate it when I think 'No I really won't need one today I won't have time to read it' and then have a spare five minutes where I could have read more. I do read a lot of crap though and I'm going to start to read more classics.

Cider and black. Oh how I love thee. The most refreshing drink ever on a summers day. People sneer at my drink a LOT, how I'm ruining the cider, that it's too sweet, that it's a "scummy" drink. I don't care. I do seem to have a predilection for pink drinks though - I drink either cider and black, rosé wine, vodka and cranberry or the amazing Rekorderlig strawberry cider (seriously, try it. It's superb).

Pubs! I love pubs. The more old-man-ish the better. This is a picture of one of my favourites, the Bell in Bath. It's got all the best stuff - hops on the ceiling, live music, a crazy old man, a beer garden, and multiple odd pictures and mirrors on the walls. I just really like the atmosphere in a pub; genial, relaxed, a bit tipsy but very happy. At least that's how I am! Brighton's lovely for all its little pubs dotted around, I haven't for a while now but I love it when I find a new one.

The sun. Of course. While I like all the other seasons, and summer comes with its own problems (sweating, having to shave all the time etc) nothing really beats sitting on the grass in the sun (preferably along with a few things on this list i.e. a pretty dress, a pint of cider and black, some good food and your loved ones).

Last but not least, my lovely boyfriend. We hardly have anything in common; he's nearly 8 years older than me, he loves computer games, comics, fake battling, geeky t-shirts and ninjas. He hates shopping, CSI and salt and vinegar crisps. But he makes me laugh more than anyone else and I love him.

Aw bless/bleugh - take your pick!

Phew. I took pics of those two jumpsuits I mentioned yesterday but I think I'll save them till tomorrow!

Oh and I tag:

Gotta love a Trier
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Danni x

Monday, 4 April 2011

Just play along

What a lovely weekend. Filled with so much rosé I'm suprised I'm not sloshing while I walk today.

I thought I'd share with you what is probably my favourite outfit, a playsuit. I've posted a picture of it before, back in November when I bought it. It was about £25 from Beyond Retro, and it's just so comfy, flattering, and cute. As discussed in my original post about it, it's not the best thing to wear when you're a bit tipsy and need to dash off to the loo a's got about 15 teeny tiny buttons along the front and then you have to bend your arms backwards to get it off your shoulders. But despite that, it's my fall-back outfit; any time I'm not sure what to wear but want to feel good and not 'I wish I hadn't thrown this on in desperation because I was getting ready for hours and am running really late and now I feel rubbish' - this playsuit is what I wear. Do you all have outfits like that? Before this it was a green cutesy dress from ASOS that I could throw on, run out the door and feel good in, that one's still a favourite too (but I am fickle, I know on loads of my posts I call the item of clothing I talk about 'one of my favourites', what can I say, I love 'em all!).

So here she is again:

And of course the red lippy, yay! Does anyone have any advice on "summery" lipsticks? I've only started wearing lippy within the last year so I don't know much about it. Could I pull off a pink colour??

I went vintage rummaging this weekend too, and bought two more playsuits. They are more for daytime, I'll try and get pictures up this week for you.

Danni x

PS - I am putting the word out on Twitter too, just to let you know that when I get up to 40 followers I'll be doing a giveaway, so if you don't already follow me - do it now!!

Friday, 1 April 2011


I'm wearing shorts today. I love shorts, and I'm so glad I can actually fit in some again (the massive hips look away guiltily) now that I've lost some weight, but even though I never really think of myself as someone with comfort zones I still feel a bit self-conscious today. I love this pair, and the bright t-shirt I'm wearing with them...I think it's just that normally I'm in forgiving dresses and it's a bit different. I do love my hips and bum, but today my bum is quite out there - literally! Well, it's good to be a bit different sometimes isn't it?

I'm also wearing one of my favourite necklaces, my Dad bought it for his Mum about 40 years ago. As you can see it doesn't keep the right time but who cares about that when it's so beautiful!

Have lovely weekends everyone, I've got a friend visiting and will hopefully have lots of fun (and lots of Rekorderlig)!!

Danni x