Thursday, 17 May 2012

Just for the fun of it

So...we found a flat! Hurrah! If all goes well with references and deposits we will be living in Tooting this time in two weeks. I will actually live in the Big Smoke. Scary.

Till then...I've got five days till I'm unemployed, and I'm still ebay shopping. Hello ebay addiction my old friend:

Cannot wait to wear this this weekend! A few of us are off to Devon to stay in a lovely little cottage and have lots of fun. There's also some clay pigeon shooting going on but I'm part of the Royal Society for the Protection of Clay Pigeons so I'm not joining in.

Yesterday I wore my oft-complimented Dotty P dress to work and then straight out for a work conference meal - where I got champagne as a thanks for organising the conference! So that was nice.

And lastly a picture from our favourite sushi place that I'm really going to miss and we will have to visit Brighton a lot just to go to*.

*because they don't have sushi places in London

Danni x

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bitsa this, bitsa that...

Ooh it's been a while! Sorry, what with choosing a uni (done!), finding a flat in London (I wish) and watching Grey's Anatomy like I wish I could jump through the screen I haven't had time for much else.

But here are some random, I-went-somewhere-not-very-exciting-but-still-wanted-to-look-nice outfit pictures.

Henry Holland dress and H&M cardigan.

H&M dress, Primark belt, Evans scarf and charity shop jacket (that I share with my boyfriend). I loved this outfit!

Dorothy Perkins dress.

And now for some here and there odd photos. Because why not?

See ya!

Danni x