Thursday, 24 November 2011

Fi Fie Faux Fur

Yes! It's finally cold enough to wear my faux fur coats again! I've been waiting for this for months. I even bought a leopard print coat to add to my collection but sadly had to send it back as it just wasn't flattering and a tiny bit too small.

So how does everyone feel about fur coats? I love them, for the warmth, the waterproof-ness, the vintage feel and the unusual factor. But saying that, lots of people, especially vintage-esque girls are pouncing on the fur as soon as they spot it in a vintage shop or at a car boot, so you do see them more often now. The other minus factors are the way they add about a stone to you because of how huge they are, and how one tiny sartorial mistake, such as big earrings or poofy hair instantly make you Pat Butcher.

Not bad, but not really where
I'm aiming as a 25 year old

There's also the worry that, on a Sunday walk in the woods, I could get shot by people thinking I'm a bear. Although what a polar bear would be doing in UK woods I have no idea.

One of my coats was from a charity shop and one from a vintage shop. I didn't pay over £30 for each, I do think it's worth shelling out more than your usual charity shop price for these as it's my 'winter coat' and I can spend up to £100 on that.

This is my day coat:

Check out the gorgeous brooch by boyfriend
bought me at the weekend. Good taste non?
And this is my evening coat:

Always worn with this AMAZING brooch
that I chose for Christmas last year.
Lastly, here's an outfit from this week, I've got a couple of lovely things from my trip to Camden Market on the weekend to show you tomorrow.

Dress: Primark, Cardi: H&M, boots: Evans via ebay.

There's a fantastic giveaway over at Alex's blog, Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks, go and have a look!

Danni x