Friday, 26 August 2011

All I'll be packing are dresses...

A couple of outfit posts from earlier this week and today. Some of you will have seen them before but I'm at that point now where I can't help but repeat outfits, or there will be none to show!

My favourite work dress (ebay) with my new brougues (missguided)

Did any of you watch The Hour recently? It was on BBC2 and set in 1956. The lead woman, Bel Rowley dresses so well, but not over the top because it's true to the time and she works as a television producer. This dress reminds me of her. Watch it on iplayer if you can!

Today I'm wearing a Primark dress, a warm yellow cardi from a charity shop, and a brooch from a vintage fair.

My new glasses turned up today! Taking a bit of getting used to because they're much bigger than the others.

My "lady parts" brooch as my friends and I like to call it.
Tomorrow I'm off on holiday to Avignon in southern France for a week. It'll be my 25th birthday while I'm out there as well! I can't wait. I'm a birthday freak. I'm having a drinks do in the Mesmerist bar that I mentioned in my last post on the day I get back, and then my Dad and Stepmum are down the following weekend for more drinks and presents! Always best to stretch these things out as long as possible I think.

As my title suggests, my bag will just be full of dresses and a swimsuit, what else do I need?! (And sun cream of course.)

Au revoir!

Danni x

Monday, 22 August 2011

Jolly good!

I'm not entirely sure why, but this dress I recently picked up in a Broadstairs charity shop makes me think of those women that used to go on safari in the 30's, 40's? (completely guessing) wearing those helmets and drinking gin and shooting more tigers than the men*.

*This blog does not condone tiger shooting. Don't do it ladies.

So, I wore it out last week for an evening in my current favourite bar, the Mesmerist. They've got old-fashioned cocktails and a swing band playing most nights, and a local swing class come and dance there a lot too. It's loads of fun.

Here's the bag I used, from a charity shop, and my yummy cocktail which involved gin and egg whites...that along with a bottle of rosé wine (using the old, oh yes two glasses please, of course it's not all for me! Yes it is trick) gave me a hangover till the end of the week.

I won a voucher from Missguided a while back, and I decided to get myself some brogues. I got a slighty boot-esque pair as I felt like they'd suit me better. They're so comfy to wear, I think I'm going to have them on a lot in the coming months!

Today's outfit is the Primark skirt that saved me from the failed outfit last week, and an H&M vest top.

Sorry about the odd photo, my outfit pics from this morning were crap, and I was trying to get the whole outfit in.

I stole my boyfriend's watch as well, I love it mostly for the fact that it has a little screen that tells you if it's night or day, as if you couldn't work it out yourself. Bless.

Danni x

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Failed outfit and lots of other stuff

At the moment I'm trying to wear the clothes I already own more often, instead of buying lots of new stuff that I don't have room for. So yesterday I wore this:

Primark top, New Look skirt via charity shop
H&M cardigan
With these earrings from Velvet:

Quite nice I thought. But no. Failed outfit. I seem to have a massive problem with skirts like this, and they just ride higher and higher up my legs when I walk just a few steps, until it's all puffed up in front and just looks weird. I went into town yesterday because I'm trying to find the Primark dress that Sophie and Char both blogged about recently, they make it look gorgeous but my Primark just doesn't do it, grr. Anyway, by the time I got there I was so annoyed with the skirt that I got a new one and changed into it in Primark aisles (yes, after I bought it!). The earrings also drove me mad, the noise of my hair brushing against them was so loud and annoying that I had to take them off (I don't wear my hair up), so all in all a massive failure! Ah well, I got a lovely new skirt out of it that I'll show you soon.

Next up, I was lucky enough to win a prize in the Crown and Glory competition recently, and the stuff was GORGEOUS.
Gorgeous flower clips, love these
A Maria Allen butterfly necklace - absolutely beautiful, I think this is my fave
The necklace...and a sneak peek of my new glasses that I'm sending off today to have my prescription put in...
Beautiful butterfly print scarf from TallyHo (another fave)
Funky hair clips
Very cool brooch from Teasemade

 And a stunning butterfly fascinator. Thank you Crown and Glory!

Lastly, my outfit for today. Definitely a comfy one after yesterday!

Dress from New Look, T-shirt from H&M, jacket from George at Asda, brooch from a charity shop in Cardiff, and earrings from a New York street stall.

Hope you didn't mind all the pictures!

Now actually really truly lastly; Doris.

Danni x

Monday, 15 August 2011

Have some Pride

I've been having so much fun lately that I just haven't had time to do any posts. The Folk Week weekend was great, I managed to go charity shop crazy too (shock horror) and got an unusual dress that I didn't manage to get a picture of, but will be wearing this week so that I can share it.

I've been working hard at bootcamp too, it does cut into your social life a bit though, it's too late and I'm too knackered to meet friends on the nights I do bootcamp, and on the nights I don't I'm not drinking too much because I know it'll make it harder the next night. I do go mad on the weekends though to make up for it!

This weekend was Brighton Pride, and as usual it was fantastic. Both my sisters and their boyfriends came down for it, and even though we didn't go to the main park event (it was too expensive, until now it's been free and then they put it up to £12.50 or £17.50 on the door. Too much of an increase! Hopefully people donated enough this year to make it cheaper next...) it was a fantastic day. We caught the tail end of the parade, then drank cider in the sun all day until a street party in the evening, followed by a cocktail and jaegerbomb session in the pub, rounded off by a house party! Awesome.

I wore this on Friday night when we just went out for a meal and a drink.

I got the dress from a charity shop recently, fits like a dream, from River Island. Accessorised with my lovely toucan watch necklace and a Primark belt.

I don't think there is a full length photo of my outfit, which consisted of black shorts and top with a black tutu on top (!) but here is my face after we'd been to the moustache shop...

Danni x

Friday, 5 August 2011

Spots and sports

I can't wait to finish work today. Apart from the obvious, I'm off to Broadstairs Folk Week for the weekend so lots of great music and cider drinking ahead! And although I love camping, with this dodgy weather it's quite nice that we're staying at a friend's parents house nearby. I have the world's heaviest bag to lug around on the train, my only excuse is that I'm packing for sunny and rainy weather...

I'm still going to bootcamp, doing quite well and going three times a week. My cheapy Primark trainers split after a few weeks so I thought I'd better spend more than a fiver on a new pair! I found a pair of Converse (but for fitness not the normal ones) reduced to £20 from £50 on Amazon.

Nice hey? I kind of wanted to keep them to wear and not mess them up with bootcamp but firmly decided to wear them. Then met my boyfriend on the stairs on my way out who said "Oh your new trainers are great, don't wear them to bootcamp you should keep them for good!" Yeah, THANKS!

Today I'm wearing another of my new Dorothy Perkins dresses. I loved the pattern of this, but not a big fan of the stretchy waistband, so I've covered it up with a belt.

Belt from a pair of New Look shorts.

Ice-cream necklace from Temporary Secretary

Vintage earrings from a charity shop.

I've got the last DP dress packed for the weekend so hopefully I'll get a picture of me wearing it in the sun!

Have good weekends everyone.

Danni x

Monday, 1 August 2011

Muddling through

This isn't going to be a very coherent post today. My brain is addled by drinking copious amounts of Tuaca on Saturday night. It all started off with a BBQ on Hove Lawns late afternoon, and wound up with us getting in at 6am from a house party.


My Dorothy Perkins delivery did turn up on Friday, three out of four items were lovely, the fourth was a bad fit so is going back. The bigger size one DID fit, which made me feel like a fatty but as Alex said, DP has weird sizing.

I wore the dress on Friday night to go out for sushi and cocktails.

Dress - DP, Jacket - Forever 21, Necklace - Boots

Yum! Love sushi.

I'll show the other DP dresses as and when I wear them. My other recent buys are:

Cute shoes for £4 from the vintage market that I mentioned in a recent post.

This amazing bag from ASOS that I bought immediately after seeing on Bethany's Arched Eyebrow blog (a new fave, check it out). ASOS had free next day delivery so after buying it Friday afternoon I received it at five to nine on Saturday morning! I was very pleased (once I had gone back to bed for a few hours). I bought a cute spotty dress too.

I'll leave you with a lovely Brighton picture that I took on Saturday, and the hope that I have made sense so far.

Danni x