Friday, 30 March 2012

Short but sweet

So to round off this lovely sunny week, a few outfits that I've worn recently.

I got lots of compliments on this lovely Henry Holland dress with it being so nice and bright

My current favourite dress

As you can see I cannot stop wearing this jacket! It's perfect for this weather. It's from Forever 21 in New York.

And a couple of pictures from yesterday's short but sweet (and chilly) first barbeque of the year. Lovely.

Have great weekends!

Danni x

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tweed and leopard print

I don't know about you but that blog title thrills me a bit!

So, my vintage find. Unfortunately we didn't have loads of time to go vintage shopping because there were so many other things to do in our short time in Paris. But I'll definitely be going back one day to make up for it. I'd been recommended a place called Free P Star (a play on the word Fripe which is 'second-hand' in French) by a few people so we wandered around and found it. It was teeny tiny, but did have an upstairs and downstairs bit. Again we were in a bit of a rush (and my boyfriend was bored!) so I just had a quick rummage. They had loads of lovely stuff though and really cheap, which is a nice change to our expensive vintage shops!

Have a look at the downstairs bit:

And now for my lovely find (after I'd put down a crazy fugly dress)

Ta dah!

Isn't it cute? I think it's a men's jacket but it fits really well.

I'm wearing it with the vintage leopard print skirt I got at Plus London from Red Bow Vintage and a primark vest top and belt.

Finding this did make me realise I haven't bought anything from charity shops for a while so hopefully I'll get to some on the weekend and find more gems!

Danni x

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bonjour mon petit chouxs

Hello my little cabbages! I don't quite know why that's my favourite french phrase (see post title) but I like it even if it does make me sound like Dame Edna in English.

Paris was amazing, of course. It was sunny, warm - almost too warm, I definitely could have done with lighter shoes and I didn't need my scarf at all - and just so beautiful. I couldn't stop looking up at all the buildings and wishing I lived in one of them.

We didn't rush around ticking things off but pottered, people watched and ate lots of nice things. We tried steak tartare which is gorgeous; it tastes like salad! I know that makes no sense with it being uncooked raw beef but still.

So here are some pictures, just from my iphone as I haven't sorted out the camera ones yet.


Me in the mornings
Looking Parisian
This is the H&M dress I wanted to show you! I love it.
Steak Tartare
One of my favourite dresses, from Bershka, with Dorothy Perkins shrug
Tomorrow I'll share my (sadly only) vintage find with you, it's a good un!

Danni x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Hiya, just a quick one today. I went to Cornwall on the weekend to see my new nephew-not-quite-in-law who's a cutie, then college Mon and Tues, in work for one day and then off to Paris tomorrow. I'm still not sure what to wear, I've gotten so entrenched in my winter clothes that now it's brightening up I want to wear more Spring-like things. But it's still freezing! Ah well, it's only three days it won't be that big a problem.

I dyed my hair last night ready for the trip as well - I didn't want any chic Parisians looking down their noses at my greys (greys! At 25! Woe) so now I'm back to being a nice red with a sharp short fringe instead of looking like a shaggy dog.

Today I'm wearing a Dorothy Perkisn dress that I got at Christmas.

 And seeing as you can see it in the picture I decided to introduce you to my new backpack! I was getting really bad neck pain from lugging around heavy holdalls so this is perfect. Only £10 from Primark.

Au Revoir!

Danni x

Friday, 16 March 2012


Hello my lovelies!

What a nice Friday it's shaping up to be. Not weather-wise; it's miserably drab outside. But inside I have my new Bertie boots on, a runner-up goodie bag from Vicky at Lady Bug Says... on my desk and I'm off to Cornwall later.

First, the boots. They're just normal chelsea boots, but I've always really liked Bertie shoes and seeing as these boots were originally £100+ I thought £20 from ebay wasn't bad.

What do you think?

Next, a dress that I haven't worn for over a year that I wore out for steak and cocktails last Friday:

Tom getting in on the action! It's actually the green in the lower picture in reality. It was from Debenhams I think. Worn with a vintage cover-up and Primark belt. Check out my Nutella glass with my vodka and coke in! They're so handy.

Lastly, I went to Worcester last weekend to visit a friend, and on Sunday she MADE me climb a massive hill. It was definitely worth it but firstly I'm scared of heights and it was very high, and secondly I was not dressed for the occassion at all, wearing my usual vintage dress and brogues. I got some funny looks from the people with walking boots and walking poles! Oh well.

The heart shaped sunglasses I borrowed from my friend probably didn't help either...

Danni x

PS - I'm off to Paris next week - does anyone have any tips of places to go?

PPS - You can win a BEAUTIFUL Diana F+ camera over on a Thrifty Mrs' blog, go and have a look (just be warned I'll hate you if you win...)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Me again!

Well I'm sure you've been waiting on the edge of your seat for the last few day's worth of my clothing mix-up, it's over two weeks late! I've been mega busy.

So...Saturday I dressed casual for a car drive to London where we were going to a fancy dress party.

Casual me:

Primark skirt and leggings, H&M top, creases my own.

Crazy me:

Charity shopped jacket, Debenhams shirt, boyfriends tie and can't remember about the hats.

I went as a man, with a tiny top hat inside a trilby. And fake eyelashes. What do you mean you don't know any men who dress like that? I do.

I spent Sunday crying with a hangover, no pictures of that sorry.

Monday at college:

Betty Jackson.Black (Debenhams) skirt, New Look tshirt, H&M cardy

Tuesday at college:

Dorothy Perkins skirt, Primark dress (worn as a top), Dorothy Perkins cardy, necklace made from another necklace from H&M.

Wednesday for a uni open day:

I wore my cute New Look red shorts underneath to protect my modesty.

This is a Henry Holland dress that I got from ebay recently, it's gorgeous but I was so hot and bothered running around London and it kept coming undone even though it wasn't particularly tight, that I ended up buying another dress from H&M for the evening when I met the lovely Kelly for drinks. I've worn it a few times since and keep forgetting to take a picture which is annoying! You'll see it soon.

So there we have it, I'm done! The freedom of being able to wear things more than once a month is great but I'm being careful to not fall back into the trap of wearing the same things and leaving some lovely stuff untouched.

I hope you enjoyed my mixed-up month! Let me know if you have any challenges you think I should do next. At the moment I'm determined to wear my hats more. I've got loads but never wear them. For shame.

Danni x