Friday, 24 February 2012

Frock it

I feel very happy with today's dress. I have kind of kept it for special occasions since buying it very cheaply from ebay for last years murder mystery new years eve. But it makes me feel good when I'm dressed up so why not wear it whenever I feel like it!

Dress - ebay, scarf - Evans, Boots - Next.

And now some lilies, because they're nice and I like my pictures of them.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Easy does it

Ahh, just a nice simple ONE outfit post today. Lovely. Suits me as I’m a bit manic this moment with college and work and life and being skint and picking universities.

And breathe…

Nice and easy outfit for today. I thought it was a bit too summery earlier but I’ve been hot all day and have removed the cardigan so it was actually quite good timing on my part.

Skirt – H&M, Top – Primark, Cardigan – charity shop.

I also found this lovely little necklace this morning in a drawer, but I’ve got no idea where it came from!

Hello to all my lovely new followers - and you old ones too!

Danni x

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My Favourite Game

I love the four dresses that I've worn from Saturday to today. Four you say? Surely you can't count, that's five days. But I spent all Saturday in borrowed pyjamas eating crisps and drinking cider at my friends house, which shockingly I didn't take a picture of.

Neither did I take a picture on Sunday, what with getting back from London and collapsing in a heap at home, but starting the theme of this post it was one of my favourites (pic from last time I wore it):

Then on Monday I wore the first of my two new charity shop dresses that I showed you in a sneaky preview picture a week or so ago. It's my personal favourite of the two:

AMAZING florals! I wore it with my favourite belt:

Then on Tuesday I wore the second dress from the same charity shop. It got a lot of attention; everyone loved the colour!

It's a bit too tight around the boobs and I burst out about three times, so next time I'll wear a top underneath and leave the buttons open.

Today I'm wearing another bright dress, a great one that looks funky and I can wear to work then out to the pub.

And odd socks of course.

More to come tomorrow. I've got a week of my outfit mix up left!

Danni x

Friday, 17 February 2012

Oh Deer

And now for the rest of the week's round up...

On Tuesday I was actually vaguely work-like in my outfit choice, unusual for me when going to work!

New Look dress, Debenhams shirt and Primark cardy. I also wore this pear-like necklace that I inherited from my Grandma.
On Thursday I wore this cute outfit, this is definitely the comfiest jumper I've ever owned:

Primark skirt and top, charity shop jumper and Next boots. I wore the top underneath because the jumper is slightly sheer, and I really like the way the lace bit pokes out at the bottom. It reminds me of petticoats which, by the way, are my current ebay want...

Today I'm wearing one of my favourite new dresses (I call everything I buy a new favourite though!) from H&M.

Cute tiny deer!

And filthy mirror. Soap and water on Sunday, that'll be my main job.

I'm wearing it appropriately with my stag head ring:

I hope you all have good weekends, I'm off to London tonight for the weekend, pubbing and making pizza with some friends, I can't wait!

Danni x

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Blimey there's a lot of outfits here

Hi. I've been so busy lately I haven't managed to blog my ever-changing outfits, or even always take pictures of them (oops). I have stuck to it though! Only 13 days to go (although I'm looking forward to payday on that day more!).

Sooo, in some kind of order:

Friday night at the pub:

Jewel green charity shop shift dress, M&S tights, New Look ankle boots

Saturday, walking the Laines in the cold sunshine...

Dorothy Perkins skirt, New Look top and FABULOUS black sequin bow from the incorrigible La Dama as part of my Christmas present swap. I felt rather lovely in this outfit, red scarf and white furry coat.

Who needs Valentines Day? We had one of our normal fun weekends and made our own sushi, drank champagne and watched American Psycho.

Then we went to our favourite cafe/resturant, Harry's for a massive fry up on Sunday.

I wore an old Dorothy Perkins dress, warm cardy and my every day scuffed boots. I was very comfy in my shades of brown!

Erm, Monday I kind of didn't get dressed because it was half term at college and I was lazy all day. Moving on...!

On Tuesday I went to see my friends Ben and Lucy and Lucy's gorgeous little girls. I didn't take a picture but I wore the jumper everyone loves over a vintage ebay dress like last time:

I'm going to save the rest of the round up for tomorrow, there's too much to get through!

Danni x

Friday, 10 February 2012

Floral Friday

Happy Friday! Today I'm wearing more of my new things - I have to wear just-bought items straight away, I can't concentrate otherwise, I know they're just waiting to be worn!

Craziness aside, here's the outfit:

Sorry about all the sideways pictures, Blogger hates me AGAIN. So I'm wearing Dorothy Perkins dress, H&M cardi, M&S tights and the fab Primark ring that Hazel got me for Char's blog swap - your parcel is still a work in progress Hazel!

Now to show you the new stuff I bought last week - this kind of proves that I was crap at Frugal Feb anyway, but as Sophie said, I'm being frugal by getting loads of bargains!

My new headphones were £60, reduced to £40, I had a £25 voucher. £15 for these beauties, and they're great, pink and loud - what more could you need?

A scottie dog Henry Holland dress (yes another one) for about £10 on ebay.

My first bit of expensive make up! This Clinique foundation was £22 but I had a £15 voucher so £7. I had a little consultation and this one was deemed best for me. It does seem very good so far, it's meant to match most skin tones and it really goes on perfectly, no marks, and it feels very soft.

Lastly some creams. I was desperately looking for an unextortionate night cream as my skin is really dry at the moment, but rejecting them all because they were just so expensive for so little. As I decided to give up I walked past a Nivea display of things that were two for £4. So I got a really good night cream and a day cream, and I used my Boots points so it came to a total of £0!

I love bargains. I told so many people about this in my excitement. I also picked up a Quit Kit for my Dad which is free from any chemists if you're trying to quit smoking (do it, it's a horrible habit!).

Have a good weekend everyone,

Danni x

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Catch up

I'm sure you're agog to see how my different outfit challenge is going. I really need a catchy phrase for this! There's still three weeks left and I'm calling it 'that thing where I wear a different outfit every day including when I wear something different in the evening.' Doesn't really roll off the tongue does it?

Anyway. So far I've stuck to it - it's easy because I definitely have enough clothes but hard because I have to really think ahead and plan, which I suppose is good for digging out things I haven't worn for a while. I'm also using more of my accessories, jewellery and shoes instead of sticking to the same old things every time.

I'll just put this out there: I failed Frugal February. Badly. But what was I supposed to do when Red Bows Boutique was at Plus London 2 on Saturday? And when Dorothy Perkins had their last sale items displayed temptingly? Oh well.

I bought this fabulous leopard print skirt for £18 from Red Bows Boutique. It's the first leopard print item I've owned! I wore it on Sunday.

The day my cold hit. NOT A GOOD DAY.

I wore this as a comfort outfit to college on Monday.

I wore this as something to throw on when I needed to run to the shops. Luckily I haven't worn this for months and I probably won't again for ages either.

Love this outfit. Dorothy Perkins dress, Max C belt, Primark earrings, Evans boots. I wore this to the pub where I got VERY competitive playing Killer darts. Not to the extent where someone got hit with a dart obviously. That was last time...

This outfit was part of my Frugal February Fail. But I think it was worth it. Cute little black skirt and purple top from Dorothy Perkins.

And lastly today's outfit, which I'm feeling great in. A funky dress, with pockets, my new tights, and matching bangles. YES.

Danni x