Thursday, 25 November 2010

Wintery Forest

I thought I'd share with you the outfit I'm wearing today, because I love it. Unfortunately it's in bits, because I do not have a) a good camera, b) anywhere to put my mobile phone so it takes a picture of my whole self, and c) someone at home at 8am when I'm ready for work and want a picture taking.

Here's an unusual dress I got for half price from Dorothy Perkins:

Then there's this ring which I got from an independent shop called Life in Cornwall:

It looks very wintery, but do flowers grow in winter? Oh never mind, I won't ruin this blog post with silly things like facts!

And lastly, some very lovely Ice Queen-esque earrings which a friend bought me a few years ago.

I think I fit right in with this freezing weather, which I love, it means I can wear my fake fur coat without getting heatstroke, snuggle into big cardis and scarves at work, and stare out of the window hoping for snow! I'm very jealous of the parts of the country that have it. Fingers crossed for Brighton next!

Danni x

Monday, 22 November 2010

Bootcamp baby!

Well. This morning was so far removed from my normal routine as to be obscene. Firstly I got up at 6am - I haven't seen that time of day for a long time, not unless I've stayed up partying all night!! Then, at 6.55am, I was in a park on the other side of town, about to start my first exercise bootcamp...

Recently I signed up to Living Social (had a look and I can't work out if it's only Brighton-based) which basically emails me every few days with a deal on an event or a meal with a massive discount. This time it was £35 instead of £100 for a month-long bootcamp. Having spent the last month or so whinging about putting on weight, while not actually doing anything about it, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

And I have to say, once I was up it was fine, and the class wasn't too hard - but apparently she was only assessing us, so it's going to get a lot worse! It's 3 days a week, and they email you healthy eating plans and tips throughout the month to help you out. I'll keep you updated on how it works out. Tonight my "homework" is to measure myself - uh oh, you can't deny the truth of the tape measure!


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I got some lovely new charity shop bargains at the weekend. I love that there's a street about 5 minutes away that isn't very long, and still manages to have 8 charity shops on it! You do have to rummage to find the good stuff, and I'm always cross with myself for not getting up early and getting the best bargains. Maybe this week...

The first item I got in a charity shop at the other end of town. I was walking to the bus stop, and saw a charity shop still open at 6pm! It was like an oasis, I wasn't sure if it was real or not...I wish charity shops would stay open later so I could do midweek shopping too. But as it's usually volunteers who work there I don't blame them.

For £9.99 I got a Kushi dress - I don't know where this make comes from but this is my third Kushi dress, and they are always gorgeous, well made, and inexpensive. Pretty rare really!

For £4.99 each I got these two:

I'm going to make the black dress shorter, when I get my sewing machine for Christmas (I can't wait!!! So many projects planned!)

And lastly I bought this for £1.49, which is very Christmassy and unusual:

A good haul I think! Roll on this Saturday...

Danni x

Friday, 12 November 2010

Friday Randomness

Yay it's Friday - oh man, more drinking?? I feel like I haven't stopped drinking for the last three weeks! I've had to turn down invites to keep Saturday free for charity shopping then doing nothing all evening - I can't wait!

I thought I'd show you the other half's new purchase. But first, to explain. I like to read in bed. He likes to sleep in bed. He doesn't like the light on. I need the light on to read. Solved! With the help of a very flattering eye-mask...

Freaky, no?

I'm not looking forward to rolling over half asleep and screaming in terror with that "looking" at me!

I saw this on Upstyler's facebook page, and couldn't stop laughing, it's great. Upstyler is one of my favourite websites, with a magazine, blog and a shop selling great second-hand items. Enjoy!

Danni x

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

What are Wellies?

How do you define a welly? Hmm, that's the weirdest thing I've written in a while! I went to Cornwall at the weekend, and after I tried and failed to find some nice black boots I bought some other boots in a sulk. I think I should call them wellies. They're definitely not galoshes (galoshes go over your normal shoes - thanks Wikipedia) so maybe rain boots is the best definition. Anyway they're very cute, £13 from TKMaxx. They don't have any brand name on them, which I quite like, and they have handles! I think more boots should have handles.

I haven't worn them yet, as I'm worried that they won't actually be waterproof, in which case they will simply be called a mistake.

Here they are:


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Playsuit in the Pub

As promised, here's a picture of me wearing the playsuit I bought on Monday in the pub yesterday:

What do you think? I found it so flattering, but it's not good for when you need the loo, loads of buttons up the front and difficult to get your arms out of!

And now for my guilty confession...

Myself and the other half managed to get VERY drunk last night. So drunk that when I pointed out a chair that I really liked, we decided to steal it. So he walked out of the pub with his coat over the chair, and then sprinted down the street and round the corner to our flat, while I casually followed behind to make sure no-one was calling the police (and to get some chips). When I went into my lounge this morning I saw it, and felt very bad (not just because of my hangover). While I would NOT recommend this as a way of getting furniture, I have to say that I still do really like the chair. Here's a picture of my stolen goods:

Apologies to the pub - which I obviously won't name in case anyone decides I should be punished and tells them - I'll have to go in there and spend lots of money to make up for it...

Danni x

PS - A Thrifty Mrs is doing a chocolate giveaway on her blog, and although I have to say I hope you don't win as I'll be very jealous, here's the link for it!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Rip-off Retro

I went to the Brighton branch of Beyond Retro yesterday (there's one in London too), and as much as it's a very cool place to browse in, I don't like the fact that it's so expensive. I think it's almost rude to price things so high just because of the fashion for vintage at the moment, when if you buy the same things from a car boot/charity shop they are massively cheaper.

So generally I will stick to the car boots and charity shops, but having said all that, I did come away with a couple of lovely things. One was a very flattering playsuit, I'm guessing 80's but not sure. I'll put a picture up soon as I think I'll be wearing it tonight, I hate having things without giving them an outing straight away!

On my way out of the changing room I saw an amazing wooden bag. I ummed and ahhed because it was £16.99, and I don't spend £16.99 on anything! I knew that if I didn't buy it I'd think about it loads and regret it, but I also didn't want to encourage BR's terrible pricing...

Reader, I bought it. Here's a pic:

Looking at the pictures now it seems so small for all those pennies! But I know I'll love it. It's also going to go out tonight. I'm sure we'll have a lovely time.

Danni x