Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Not the most exciting of giveaways I'm afraid as I'm pretty skint! Picked up a few little bits and have added a couple of nice things from my charity shopping that I thought people might like.

New Look flower print scarf

Bastiste dry shampoo - a life saver!!

Nails Inc nail varnish

Next lip balm

Vintage brooch (from charity shop)

Orange bangle (from charity shop)

There we go! I'm also going to add a little vintage clothing item (hopefully a dress) but I'm going to suit it (and size it!) to whoever wins.

How to enter

You must be a follower of my blog, and comment on this post telling me what your LEAST favourite kind of clothing is - harem trousers? (saggy crotch) Crop tops? (No one over 5 should be baring their stomach like that) Mine is anything tie-dyed - I don't think that requires an explanation!!

Extra entries:

1: Tweet with @dannithegirl is having a giveaway! http://dannithegirl.blogspot.com/
2: Mention the giveaway on your blog with a link.

Please let me know you've done each thing with a SEPERATE comment.

Blogs and twitter accounts set up just for giveaways will not be counted.

EDIT: Forgot to say that the closing date is 21st July.

Good luck everyone!

No outfit picture, just a picture of one of my favourite necklaces that I'm wearing today:

Danni x

Monday, 27 June 2011

Will you be my sunshine?

Yay for sun. Boo that it probably won't last till tomorrow.

I spent a very hot day in London on Saturday, and a hot but much more relaxed day on Hove Lawns yesterday.

Here is the outfit I wore yesterday (check out me not taking pictures of myself in the mirror!)

A gorgeous Dorothy Perkins dress I got in the sale for £17, my lovely straw hat I got in Turkey last year, and Primark sandals - THAT STAY ON MY FEET!!! I know that's probably not a big deal for a lot of you, but as I think I've mentioned before, I just can't walk in flip flops, they throw themselves off my feet or I fall over. And gladiator shoes rub my feet to bits. I basically just have the world's most awkward feet and am usually in some kind of pain from any shoes that I wear. So these are lovely!

I'll be putting up some of the giveaway stuff tomorrow so come and have a look.

Danni x

Monday, 20 June 2011

Polka dots and pubs

Hello everyone,

ARGH Monday already, the weeks do seem to be going by quickly lately, but then so do the weekends. Blink and you'll miss them.

I did manage to get to the shops on Friday although I went wearing two coats, which kind of worked to keep me dry.

I bought a black with white spots maxi skirt, a really interesting pack of replica leaflets, ration books etc from WWII (just to deviate slightly, I'm really interested in women's roles in the War, and last weeks Stylist magazine - a fantastic free read if you get it in your local newsagents, or even online - had an article about that exact thing, and also the recommendation of a book by Sarah Waters called the Night Watch which follows four women through their experiences of the war. I've ordered it and will do a review after I've read it - I haven't done one of those for ages!) and lastly, a gorgeous green with white spots dress from BHS, probably from the 80's. I haven't worn it out yet but it was too good not to try on and take a picture of!

I don't know why I look so grumpy in these photos! Also I've realised that we have a proper camera now, time to lose the taking pictures of yourself look on my blog I think! Although when the camera falls off a carefully positioned stack of books for the 100th time I may have to reconsider.

I went to Portsmouth on Saturday to see some friends, and I just wanted to show you the best named pub EVER. What do you think?


Lastly, fantastic news that I now have over 40 followers, thanks to everyone who follows me! I'm going to gather/sort out some things for the giveaway and hopefully have it up and running within a week. Exciting!

Danni x

Friday, 17 June 2011

Cute and Unusual

Hi everyone, happy Friday!

I'm at home with a sore throat, waiting for the rain to stop so I can go to shops for some lunch (and hopefully sneak into a charity shop too!) so I thought I'd try and do a post on my mobile...if you can read this, it worked!

Tuesday evening was lovely and sunny, and going out in a dress with no tights and no jacket felt amazing! It's quite hard to remember now, looking out at this epic rain!

Here's the dress, I put a pic up when I first bought it, and said I was going to alter it. Unsuprisingly I haven't yet, but I thought I'd give it its first outing anyway.

Cute and unusual is my opinion!

Right, had to finish this off on our main computer, which hates me, so that's all you're getting for today!

Have great weekends,

Danni x

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The colour Orange and lack of ironing


I'm loving H&M at the moment. They have so much good stuff! Although I'm very weirded out by their sale, at least in the Brighton stores; both of them have racks and racks of sale items and 99.9% of these are size 8-10. Where are all the other sizes??

Anyway, I went to Bristol recently and had to panic-buy a dress for a night out, which as you know practically guarantees you won't find anything. I ran into H&M as my last shop, and found not just one, but two lovely dresses, coming in at £25 together. I haven't got a picture of the one I wore on that night out, but I wore the second one recently, with knee high socks because that's just how I'd imagined it, and I think it worked!


Ooh check me out colour blocking! It's a really nice colour, not one I would have usually gone for but I was desperate, and I'm glad I did now. I wore it with my bright pink watch, bright blue necklace, and bright pink and blue feather earrings. The black mark on the pocket is a skull and crossbones sticker...don't ask!

I can't remember if I've put today's outfit up before, but even if I have I think it deserves another look because it's one of my favourite charity shop finds of a work outfit.

Bit creased! The iron and myself aren't very close. In fact barely on speaking terms.

This dress is lovely, good quality material and a great neckline. I'm wearing it with a Primark belt and this cute heart necklace I got from a retro shop in Kemptown.

Last thing; it's National Blood Week this week, so do try and donate if you can! Here's the link for info and to find out where sessions are being held near you.

Danni x

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Only just keeping it together...

Don't worry, the title isn't a reference to my fragile mental state! It's actually about the top of the playsuit I'm wearing today; whenever I sit down it gapes and slides apart around my boobs, leaving me quickly tucking myself in if anyone comes up to my desk. Top underneath next time I think!

Here is the lovely vintage jumpsuit

Here is the cute wooden necklace that I got from India

And here I am in the playsuit casually clutching my gorgeous new vintage vanity case from ebay. It's bigger than I thought it would be but gorgeous!

This is one if the original ebay pics
Lovely! I'm tentatively looking around on ebay again but trying not to get addicted. I also need to do a big clear out of my stuff too - I am very ashamed at how many of my clothes are on the floor right now...

Danni x

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

It's been too long...

Hello! Remember me?

How are you all?

I've been so busy with weddings, a trip to New York, my yearly folk festival and enjoying the spring - I think those are good enough reasons for not posting recently don't you?

I'll only do a very few pictures because if I show you too many you might wish I'd not bothered - seriously, we bought a new camera recently and there have been so many pictures taken.

So, having shown you a picture of my "official" wedding guest outfit in my last post, I'll show you my Royal Wedding guest outfit in this one. Obviously I didn't go, but instead had a lovely time in my friend Ben's back garden - he went all out with decorations, champagne and sandwiches.

Dress - Velvet
Shoes - New but from a vintage event stall
Hat - charity shop
Bag - Primark

Me up the Empire State Building! I was SO proud of myself, I'm terrified of heights and was crying when I got out of the lift!
The only clothes I bought in New York (I know, shame on me!) - a maxi dress and jacket from Forever 21. I loved this outfit so much. This is me on a saddle in a Mexican bar before MANY frozen marguritas and tequilas.

 And these last two are a glimpse of the madness that is my folk festival. Highlight of my year.

I look forward to catching up with all of you,

Danni x