Friday, 30 September 2011

It's Business Time

Please go and listen to Flight of the Conchords today. It's so funny!! You can enjoy the music without having watched the TV show. Do it. Great Friday funniness.

The music is on Spotify but here is a youtube video.

So I think I'll only be able to post about once a week for the moment. More if I can but we'll see!

Here's an outfit I wore on Wednesday. I loved it when I left the house and took the pictures, but felt a bit uncomfortable in it the rest of the day for no real reason. Weird.

I love the little jacket I'm wearing. It's from a Debenhams sale a while ago. Also wearing an H&M vest top, Primark skirt and Missguided brogues.

This is what I'm wearing today:

Vintage jumpsuit, H&M cardi and Primark brogues.

Also, have a look at these few dresses I'm selling. (On my new page, Blog Sale) I'm hoping to sell a lot of things in the next few weeks, both for money and for making room in my flat! Most things I want to get rid of just don't fit me and I shouldn't be hanging on to. Anyway if I don't get much interest here I'll put them on ebay.

Danni x

Thursday, 22 September 2011


I seem to have gone from laziest person ever (winner 25 years in a row) to running around like a mentalist. In the last two weeks I've done days at my normal admin job, days (and the evil night shift!) at my new second job at a homeless shelter, had my first four days at college, had tooth surgery (being sedated was actually strangely nice...) and done a few boxercise sessions. I'm knackered.

This first outfit is one I wore to a friends house recently, I love this, it was my first or second dress alteration - I got it in a charity shop, chopped the bottom off and hemmed it up.

I'm also quite liking my hair up now it's red although I don't see how the colour makes a difference!

Now for the rest of the week:

Outfit 1 - wore to college, dorothy perkins dress and cardi
Outfit 2 - wore to work, dorothy perkins skirt, H&M top
Outfit 3 - an old fave from last year, New Look dress and H&M blouse via charity shop
Lastly, I got this necklace holder recently, it makes things look so much neater, and it's really cute too. From Velvet.

Danni x

Friday, 16 September 2011


Quite a short and sleepy post from me - I had stage 1 (of three!) of a root canal yesterday under sedation, and I'm still feeling the effects today - I'm yawning my head off while typing this.

Wednesday was a bit of a mixed outfit, swallows and stripes and primary colours:

Dress (as top) - Primark via blog sale, cardi and skirt - Dorothy Perkins, brogues - Primark

 But I really liked it!

And today I'm making the most of some bare-leg weather:

Dress - Ebay, belt - Primark, Brogues - Missguided

I love odd socks so much. Especially when they're really visible!

Have great weekends everyone! I'm doing my first twelve hour shift at the homeless shelter (I've been taken on as a paid member of staff after being a volunteer last year, so it's now my second job) on Saturday night - argh!

Danni x

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My Life in Outfits

I should really keep some of these pictures back for another time, but I'm not very organised and I get excited when I have new pictures, so here's a whole load! I took these over the weekend because it was quite a busy one.

The first outfit is probably my favourite. I wore this out for a meal with some friends and got a couple of compliments, which is always nice isn't it?!

I'm wearing a jewel-green (even though it looks blue) shift dress from a charity shop, black cardi and black Primark heels. And grey tights - I must wear tights more often! I love how they look but almost every dress I have is too short to wear with tights (with dignity!).

This dress is my favourite weekend hanging around the house outfit - I don't do proper slobby clothes to be honest!

I got this dress from ebay.

On Saturday night we used a Groupon voucher to go for a meal in nearby Lewes - the meal was so good, we ate LOADS.

I got this lovely dress from TKMaxx, it was something ridiculous like £30 down from £130. It looked better without leggings but it was pouring down!

I wore this on Sunday, I got the jumper from George at Asda last year, old demin skirt, new red brogues, and this gorgeous dog brooch that my friend Ben bought me for my birthday.

And lastly, here's the outfit I wore for my first day of college - which went really well, thanks for your nice messages!

One of my current favourite dresses from Dorothy Perkins, my vintage cardi and - my new red hair! It's brighter than it looks in the photos but I haven't managed to take a good picture yet.

So there's my life in outfits over four days.

Which one do you like best?

Danni x

Friday, 9 September 2011

New start, new shoes

Well I bought something. But I have a good reason. And a story that yet again proves that my life is just a comedy of errors! My friend bought me some lovely shoes for my birthday, but they were a size too small so yesterday I went to take them back. When I'd got them I said how nice they were and that I'd admired them before in the shop.

So off I went to Primark, where I found they didn't have the shoes any more so instead I chose a pair of gorgeous red brogues. Went to the exchange counter and handed both pairs over asking if I could swap them. The woman looked really confused and said "these aren't from our shop". I said that they were but they just didn't have any left. And of course I said it a little bit scornfully, because they didn't even know that they were Primark shoes! Of course you can see where this is going. It turned out that they weren't Primark shoes, I'd just seen a similar pair before and assumed that's where they were from. So out of shame (and the fact that the red brougues and I had formed an emotional attachment by that time) I bought the other pair anyway.

So! Here they are, with an old favourite dress that I got from ASOS about 5 years ago.

They are BEAUTIFUL! I'm starting college on Monday and pretty damn nervous but wearing these beauties will help I'm sure.

I'm doing an access course in Social Science & Public Sector Professions so that I can go on and do a social work degree. I'm excited about learning again and meeting new people but also scared of whether my dying brain can be kick-started back into life! Wish me luck.

Danni x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Tout de le fruit!

Bonjour! I'm back from France, I had a lovely time, most days involved drinking wine around the pool but I also (very uncharacteristically for my lazy arse) went horse-riding and kayaking. The kayaking was on my birthday and I had the worst hangover ever after playing cards with tequila shots as forefeits the night before. Luckily the water soothed me enough to drink again that night!

I bought an Evans swimdress for the holiday because I just couldn't be bothered with holding my stomach in and feeling huge after lots of bread-and-wine drinking, and it was a complete saviour. I'll post a picture of me in it when I get my camera pictures uploaded.

The town we went to for my birthday meal was gorgeous, all windy streets, and round every corner there was a fake shop painted on the wall, here are some pictures from my iphone...

And this was our cottage:

 And a quick outfit post from Monday night, sticking with my promise to myself of using up the things in my wardrobe instead of buying more.

Miss Selfridge dress, Dorothy Perkins cardi, New Look boots via charity shop and a gorgeous little handheld mirror necklace from my friend Jess "because you know how vain you are" - thanks!! (but very true)

Danni x