Wednesday, 9 November 2011


EDIT: I wrote this post last week but Blogger was being evil and wouldn't let me post it. So I'm going to do it now anyway, apologies for it being a bit out of date and post-fireworks!

Trapped between Halloween and Bonfire Night is a good place to be. I'm hoping it stays clear and cold for firework-watching this weekend as I'm off to Cornwall to see the boys family and hopefully hold some sparklers. I was going to say in a gloved hand but it's so warm for this time of year, so maybe not.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was doing the Brighton Zombie Walk the weekend before Halloween, here's how I ended up: 

It was before the blood, I got messier!

My halloween was spent "watching" (if you can call hiding behind your hands and playing solitaire on your phone watching) a scary film at my friends house. It just reaffirmed how scared of scary films I am. I was even grateful to my friends baby crying loads because then we missed bits of the film! Bless her.

I found a dress to wear to my friends house that I'd bought about four years ago, that can really only be worn on that one day of the year:

Isn't it great for Halloween?!

Now a couple of new buys:

A very funkily coloured dress from Dorothy Perkins, going cheeeeeep in the sale, a daisy dress from ebay by Henry Holland (my new addiction), and a stripy vintage blazer from a charity shop.

You may remember this psychedelic tomato-coloured dress that I got from a charity shop a while ago. I put it on recently and was really disappointed, it just wasn't flattering. But then I remembered my trick of hoisting it up and tucking it into a belt and voila! How funky does it look! It's next on my list to chop and hem.

Boob alert! I found this purple dress at the back of my wardrobe recently, in the middle of an ebay clearout. I have no idea where it came from or how long I've had it, and assumed it was too small but thought I'd try it on just in case before I put it in my "to sell" pile. Now it's definately a keeper! I wore it to the pub that same night because I was so excited. Worn with my Betty Black spotty teeny jacket thing (I have a way with words).
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Lovely purple dress! The spidery one is fab too!

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