Thursday, 27 October 2011

Take a Bow

Good times. Autumn things are coming out of the cupboard, I'm doing a big clear out on ebay and actually getting some money from it, and of course quickly buying things to fill up the teeny amount of available space there is from the clear out...

Ah well. I'm an addict; My name is Danni and I love buying clothes.

Yesterday I manged to get a gorgeous dress from H&M for £5 after the sale tag said £15 but a smaller version of the same said £5; I took them both to the counter ready to fight for the cheaper option, but the lady barely glanced at them before saying "yeah it's a fiver". Great! And I saw a hair bow that I'd been wanting for a while priced accidentally for £1.99 while all the others were £3.99 so I got that. And I had a £5 gift card so I only paid that £1.99! Sorry, very garbled story there. I was pleased anyway.

Here are a couple of my outfits from the second half of this week, including said bow!

Lovely purple wraparound dress from LK Bennet via TK Maxx, with my magnifying glass necklace (gift from my sister).

Cute dress from Dotty P's, big thick cardi was a present from a friend, and the lovely bow from H&M.

Check out my guest post on the lovely Amii's blog here.

Danni x


daisychain said...

gotta love a bargain! x

Sophie - Country girl said...

you found some great buys! Love your wraparound dress and magnifying glass necklace x

Sophie said...

I love the thrill of bargains! Love the new hair bow.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

The purple dress is gorgeous!

Helen said...

Woooh hoooh I love when I get something cheaper than I thought it would be, it feels like I've won!

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