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Ten Reasons We Love Converse

One of the most iconic items of footwear on the planet, Converse has become a firm footwear favourite for women across the UK. But just why do we love them so much?

1) The Old Kids on The Block

Did you know Converse trainers have been around since 1915? Designed and made
in Malden, Massachusetts, these babies have been around a while. Which means
we’ve had nearly a hundred years to fall in love with them. And boy have we!

2) Reach for the Sky

Originally designed by Chuck Taylor, the basketball player who added his very own
All Star logo to the side, they only came in black until 1947.

3) What’s in a Name?

Over the years they’ve had many a nickname, from Chucks to Cons, Chuckers to
Connies, Convics to Verses, Convos, Chucker Boots and even Chuckalos. We just
call them our favourite shoes.

4) Just What The Doctor Ordered

Yes ladies, you may well remember everyone’s favourite time travelling alien Doctor
Who sporting a mighty fine pair. Teaming them up with his little brown suit, David
Tennant made quite the impression in his well-worn pair of Converse.

5) Star By Name, Star By Nature

David Tennant’s not the only famous face to have been seen sporting a pair of these
fab shoes. Over the years they’ve been seen on the likes of Ryan Reynolds, ScarJo,
Kate Hudson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon and our very own,
first lady of fashion, Kate Moss! Now if they love them, so do we!

6) The Rainbow Shoe

If you’re like us and love your shoes to match your outfit, then look no further.
Converse come in all colours of the rainbow, so whatever you’re wearing, these
iconic trainers are guaranteed to add splash of colour to your look.

7) Say Geek, Say Chic

Converse seem to go with everything. Whether it’s skinny jeans, a maxi dress or
even the classic little black dress, Converse are the perfect accessory.

8) Make it Personal

Did you know Converse do a DIY range? So whatever colour or design you’re
looking for, you can customise your kit and get a pair that completely matches your

9) Happy Feet

Converse offer one thing which many other fashionable items of footwear fail to

deliver: comfort! This makes our feet happy and, coincidentally, us happy as well.

10) Just Because

With so many benefits Converse really are the king of shoes - some would say they
just can’t put a foot wrong!

These would be my choice...polka dots of course

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Danni x


Alice said...

I agree Converse have earnt their place on the footwear market! xxx

Belle du Brighton said...

looooove converse. lost mine three weeks ago (don't ask) and now need to decide what colour to replace them with!

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