Friday, 22 October 2010

Glove love

I got my vintage gloves! £4.60 from ebay. They're very comfy, the only bad thing is that I'd forgotten the issue of having to take my rings off when I put gloves on; I wear 6 rings so it is a bit annoying. Especially as I live in fear of losing one of my rings.

Does anyone else wear loads of rings? It seems to be fairly unusal these days, people are always commenting on how many rings I wear. I love them though, and seeing as I aquire them at a rate of about one every 6 months, my fingers will be full up soon!

My lovely glove(s):


Alex said...

Lovely gloves! I prefer woolly ones, that way I don't have the rings problem.

Thanks for your comment :) If you do get the dress, make sure you tack down the collar underneath before you wear it, otherwise it flicks up and annoys you all day!

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