Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Old age accessories

Last week, I bought what I think is my best accessory purchase of the year.

A chain for my glassses.

Those of you that dont wear glasses won't know the frustration of going into another room, needing to look at something far away (or up close if you're long sighted) and realising that you've left your glasses in the other room. Again. Even though you'd been wearing them for AGES and had just taken them off for a minute.

And now for just £1 from H&M, my problem is solved! Not only do I have my glasses on me at all times, but I am also rocking an old lady/librarian look which I think works really well with my new dark hair! What do you think? (Excuse the very posed picture!)



Cowbiscuits said...

haha no way thats awesome i want one! x

Alex said...

That's so fun!! I wear my glasses all the time so I don't really have that problem but for the days when I'm feeling super preppy, this might be worth getting!

Anonymous said...


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