Wednesday, 1 February 2012


So. I've decided, as part of Frugal February, to post a different outfit every day for a month, What Katie Wore style. Bloggers are really good at showing all kinds of different outfits, but usually not every day as we don't want to repeat ourselves too much or put up those pictures of us wearing jeans/pyjamas/onsies/boring outfit with a coffee stain. Jen from A Little Bird Told Me has been talking about this recently, and has been honest about her casual days and 'non-blogger type outfits'.

This will be easy in some ways and hard in others. I've definitely got over 29 different outfits, and after some recent clearouts I don't have many things I wouldn't wear. Also I don't really DO slobby clothes, it's always dresses of different degrees of casual. The hard bits are that I don't own loads of tops or t-shirts if I want to wear skirts and that, like everyone, I have favourites that I wear every week. There's also evenings to consider when I have a change of outfit.

But it will be good for me and my wardrobe, and fun to see if I can manage it!

I'm allowed to wear leggings as much as I want (this is a must as I wear them every day!), I can wear the same shoes although I 'll try and mix it up a bit, I can wear the same cardigans, jackets and coats as well.

Does anyone else fancy trying this? Let me know if you do!

Here are a few pictures of my last days of freedom...

Primark skirt, H&M top

I wore this for a Sunday wander with my friends for chips, after a champagne-fuelled Satuday night.

A lovely playsuit (vintage) that I wore to college.

Another college outfit - I wore this on the 31st Jan thinking it was the 1st Feb and that this was my first outfit, oops! Oh well, that means I get to wear it again this month! Henry Holland dress via ebay, charity shop jacket.

One of my last new purchases of January, this dress is from TKMaxx. Isn't it cute? I wore it to a pub quiz (where we failed dismally) with my red brogues from Primark and this AMAZING hummingbird ring I got for Christmas from Ben and Peter. It's from Velvet.

And now I round up this mammoth post with my first outfit for the month, not to be seen again until March!

A cute roll-neck dress that my friend got from a charity shop and gave to me. Who would have though roll-neck dresses could work so well?

Let me know how you get on with Frugal February if you're doing it too.

Danni x


Sophie - Country girl said...

Good luck with daily outfit shots, looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I love rollneck anything, lol and those red brogues are lovely and bold x

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