Thursday, 9 February 2012

Catch up

I'm sure you're agog to see how my different outfit challenge is going. I really need a catchy phrase for this! There's still three weeks left and I'm calling it 'that thing where I wear a different outfit every day including when I wear something different in the evening.' Doesn't really roll off the tongue does it?

Anyway. So far I've stuck to it - it's easy because I definitely have enough clothes but hard because I have to really think ahead and plan, which I suppose is good for digging out things I haven't worn for a while. I'm also using more of my accessories, jewellery and shoes instead of sticking to the same old things every time.

I'll just put this out there: I failed Frugal February. Badly. But what was I supposed to do when Red Bows Boutique was at Plus London 2 on Saturday? And when Dorothy Perkins had their last sale items displayed temptingly? Oh well.

I bought this fabulous leopard print skirt for £18 from Red Bows Boutique. It's the first leopard print item I've owned! I wore it on Sunday.

The day my cold hit. NOT A GOOD DAY.

I wore this as a comfort outfit to college on Monday.

I wore this as something to throw on when I needed to run to the shops. Luckily I haven't worn this for months and I probably won't again for ages either.

Love this outfit. Dorothy Perkins dress, Max C belt, Primark earrings, Evans boots. I wore this to the pub where I got VERY competitive playing Killer darts. Not to the extent where someone got hit with a dart obviously. That was last time...

This outfit was part of my Frugal February Fail. But I think it was worth it. Cute little black skirt and purple top from Dorothy Perkins.

And lastly today's outfit, which I'm feeling great in. A funky dress, with pockets, my new tights, and matching bangles. YES.

Danni x


Jenifer said...

Love the owl earrings ...& the red dress! Jen x

Sophie - Country girl said...

adoring your leopard skirt and today's funky dress. Lovely mix of looks here x

Helen said...

The orange funky dress is so cute!

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