Monday, 13 December 2010

My Swish!

I had an unusual Sunday yesterday, in that I left the house to do something other than go to Tesco's...

I went to a clothes swapping event called My Swish (not quite sure why it has such a weird name!) that was held in nearby Lewes. 10% of the proceeds go to 10:10 - carbon cutting 10% at a time, and they're promoting recycling clothes as opposed to buying new things - which I'm all for! You had to pay £5 to get in, which got you a free goodie bag 'with Dermalogica goodies'. Hmm - two very small sachets like the kind you get stuck in a magazine, and a bunch of flyers! Anyway.

I took along 13 items - you could take between two and fifteen, of 'cheap' 'middle' and 'designer' quality. Needless to say most of mine were in the cheap section! I redeemed my clothes for 160 points. Then we all had a browse for half an hour, stalking around each other like rival tigers, standing near the best items...before we were told that we had to go back behind the door before the Swish began. And blimey, when it began, it was like something out of a film; women pushing each other out of the way, running with arms outstretched to the item they wanted (that was me and another woman - she managed to snatch the shoes I wanted a millisecond before I got there!), although to be honest once everyone had one item it was a lot more sedate, and you could browse a bit more. And then you had your clothes totted up to check they matched your points, and that was it! I was very pleased with the stuff I got, and I feel very good for having purged the stuff I was never going to wear again but hadn't taken to the charity shop from my wardrobe.

So here's what I ended up with:

A cute little top - no label - fits lovely like!

A jacket and skirt set - so cute - doesn't look much in the picture but it's a green tweedy type set from Oasis. The jacket has one sparkly button. The skirt is a size too small but hopefully after another bootcamp I can get in it! I'd wear them seperately anyway - it might be a bit much together in my casual workplace!

Oh how I love this. It was one of the last things on the rack - a size 24 dogstooth skirt. Too big for me, so I pulled it up, belted it with the matching belt and now I've got a cute new work dress! I wasn't sure if that would work when I grabbed it so I was very glad to get it home and find that it did.

A real leather bag, and a new knitted white hat with a flower on, that I was particularly pleased with, having lost my knitted white hat with a flower on last week! I have good hat karma.

 I also got a sequin hooded Miss Selfridge top, and a red and white print halter dress.

Oh and lastly...

Aren't they beautiful?! I walked in the door of the event and there were some local sellers there, with a lady selling these handmade shoes at £10 - down from £60! They're not quite as yellow as they look in the picture. They seem comfy, and I can't wait for my spring weddings (I've got 3 in March/April!) to come around so I can wear these. I'll put the website up later when I find the card she gave me - apparently she does personalised shoes with your name on - I'm intrigued!

Danni x


Alice said...

I've always wanted to go to one of those clothes swapping events, I know I have enough unwanted clothes lurking in my wardrobe.

You have come back with lots of stuff, well worth swapping your unwanteds for.

The shoes are lovely too x

corsets, crafts and cupcakes said...

Oooh i love the dress, and top in the first pic, they look stunning on you :)
I tend to sell my unwanted stuff on Ebay (im a lil bit addicted!) but 'swishing' sounds like a great idea.
Great haul!

Charm Bracelets said...

I love the dress and I like your blog, thanks for sharing. This holiday season I'm looking forward to have some charm bracelets which will serve as my lucky charm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danni
Glad you enjoyed the swish! You did really well I am glad you got such good stuff! The white hat was mine!
Are you coming to this Sunday's (23rd Jan) at Lansdowne Place Hotel in Hove from 3pm.
Hope to see you there!

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