Monday, 20 December 2010

What is it?

What a lovely weekend! Well, Friday was a bit of a washout, the boy was stuck in traffic for four hours (usually an hour and a half journey), poor thing, so we just got a chinese and read our books.

And then a party we were meant to go to in London on Saturday was cancelled because of the weather, which was annoying, but gave me a chance to do some charity shopping! And it was SO worth it!

I've already shown you my lovely vintage fake fur coat, in a light creamy "fur", and I thought nothing could surpass its amazingness. I was wrong. I got a chocolate coloured one! I sprinted over to it as soon as I walked into the shop, and panicked a bit when I couldn't find the tag but was told it was only £14.99, phew! Here she is:

I wish I'd taken a picture of me wearing it all glammed up with my red lippy when I went to the pub on Saturday (which was a snowy, drunken, bag-losing, very fun night!). I just need to find another button for it as it's missing one, and the elastic to hook the other one is snapped so I can't actually do it up!

The other thing I bought was this:

Doesn't it look cute? Now, before anyone asks, I will tell you that I have absolutely no idea what it is. The front opens as one, they aren't individual drawers, and it has a slide-out tray inside. It's too small to be a drinks cabinet, and I'm at a loss as to what else it could be! It's been sitting in one of my local charity shops for about 3 weeks and I decided that morning that if it was still there when I went back I would buy it. Obviously it was there, and down to £5!

Here's another picture of it while it's open. I'm thinking of keeping all of my make up and hair stuff inside it.

 What I really want to do is give it a makeover, something like what Alice at An Alien World did to her bookshelf - but I'm worried that I'll ruin it. Well I won't be doing it until the new year anyway so I'll think about it then.

Yesterday I had a lovely day playing with our friends baby Bella and being cooked lunch, and then home to be cooked dinner by the boy - Jamie's 30 minute recipe for chicken pie only taking an hour! Yummy.

Danni x


Alice said...

The fur coat is such a find and I think the piece of furniture is pretty unique, in its own way. And £5, what a bargain price too.

I would love to see a transformation, it would look great, those handles are really decorative too x

dannithegirl said...

Thanks Alice, so excited about the coat, it makes me feel so glamorous! I'll have to decide a colour, I do quite like it as it is but not the shiny-ness of it. Did you have to sandpaper your bookshelf down first? x

corsets, crafts and cupcakes said...

Ooh wow! I agree with Alice, the fur is amazing! I love the vintage look that goes so well with red lips and fur :)

I also think you should customise and really make the furniture your own, and it could be so cute as a sewing table/box :)

Both great finds!

Alex said...

Mmmm, I love that chicken pie recipe! I have my fingers crossed for the recipe book for Christmas.

The coat is fab - such a gorgeous colour and length.

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