Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sorry about the gap between posts. I always sulk a bit when blogs aren't updated loads (not seriously, just cos I love reading them!) and there I go and not post for a week. I have bought lots of lovely newold things lately, but just haven't had the time to take good pictures of them.

But I will share with you the two goodies that turned up today from ebay (FINALLY I might add - I'm not sure whether to contact the seller about the item that's the most overdue, because it could just be down to the weather. Maybe I'll email just to ask if she definitely sent it.)

Item number 1: A red apple brooch

It's even more beautiful than it looks in the picture. I wanted a brooch because I've got a hole in a knitted cardigan that can't be fixed (read: I don't know how to fix it) so I thought I'd cover it up!

Item number 2: FUZZY FELT!!!!

Do you like my picture? I'm so excited about this, I've wanted Fuzzy Felt for years - so I thought I'd give a nostalgic gift to myself!

I will hopefully take lovely pictures of my other new things tonight. Still a bit tricksy with only having a mobile phone camera, so I can't take decent photos of myself wearing things.

A little catch up as well - Bootcamp is going well, I'm halfway through my third week - the end is in sight! We had to miss a session on Friday last week due to snow, so she worked us extra hard on Monday. I still hate jogging. Hate hate hate. But it is all working. I've lost 5lbs so far! Yay!

Danni x


Alice said...

The brooch is lovely, and oh god I recently dug out my old fuzzy felts and was completely taken back in time. I adore them!

I was getting mad at eBay yesterday, I had two items not turned up (probably down to the weather but still), luckily one of them finally arrived today but the other is still missing! x

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