Thursday, 7 April 2011

Play it again

Apologies in advance if this post doesn't make loads of sense, I sat in the sun for an hour with my book and I feel all woozy now. The office is really quiet, I wonder if anyone would notice if I had a nap under my desk?

Right, the vintage playsuits. I wore this grey one yesterday along with the ring in the following picture (£3 from Dorothy Perkins):

I think it's good for work, quite a smart colour and also nice and light for the warmer weather.

This was the other playsuit, my friend and the shop-guy liked this one best, and said the other one made me look like an old lady, but I knew that if I didn't get the grey one I'd regret it! I took the shoulder pads out of the grey one to streamline it a bit but I've left them in this one for now.

They were £16 each from a little shop in Brighton Laines called Second Post.
What do you think?

Danni x


Susan said...

I love the button detail on them both. Personally I like the blue one better, the grey one looks a bit long on you, but maybe that's just the angle of the picture. If you felt comfortable having it a bit shorter I think you would suit it more. xx

Lauren said...

I m a bit scared of playsuits cos of the many buttons thing! But these are lovely n you espesh the blue polka dot one! x

Gem said...

£16 is fab, would have ben £40 in Topshop! x

Sophie said...

I love them both! I really like the length, I have found with most playsuits that they are so short. I have to wear tights to stop everyone from seeing my bum! Would be nice to go bare legged! I think my favourite is the blue one.

Alice said...

I love them both, playsuits are so lovely. The polka dots make for a great print too xx

corsets, crafts and cupcakes said...

loving the blue one :)

Misfits Vintage said...

I LOVE them both and I have the ankle length version of the second one! Anyone who doesn't love jumpsuits/playsuits is obviously smoking crack. You look gorgeous.

Sarah xxx

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