Friday, 1 April 2011


I'm wearing shorts today. I love shorts, and I'm so glad I can actually fit in some again (the massive hips look away guiltily) now that I've lost some weight, but even though I never really think of myself as someone with comfort zones I still feel a bit self-conscious today. I love this pair, and the bright t-shirt I'm wearing with them...I think it's just that normally I'm in forgiving dresses and it's a bit different. I do love my hips and bum, but today my bum is quite out there - literally! Well, it's good to be a bit different sometimes isn't it?

I'm also wearing one of my favourite necklaces, my Dad bought it for his Mum about 40 years ago. As you can see it doesn't keep the right time but who cares about that when it's so beautiful!

Have lovely weekends everyone, I've got a friend visiting and will hopefully have lots of fun (and lots of Rekorderlig)!!

Danni x


Alex said...

Danni you look GREAT today. I love those shorts, and the tshirt is such a beautiful colour. Necklace is gorgeous too!

Don't feel self conscious - you've got a lovely figure and should definitely flaunt it.

Alice said...

I think the bright t-shirt looks great with the shorts and the clock necklace is so lovely. I would love to own something like this xx

daisychain said...

You look amazing in those shorts, and that necklace is amazing xo

Clazzerati said...

Hey lady, I just tagged you in my latest post, 10 things I love, if you fancy getting involved!


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