Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The colour Orange and lack of ironing


I'm loving H&M at the moment. They have so much good stuff! Although I'm very weirded out by their sale, at least in the Brighton stores; both of them have racks and racks of sale items and 99.9% of these are size 8-10. Where are all the other sizes??

Anyway, I went to Bristol recently and had to panic-buy a dress for a night out, which as you know practically guarantees you won't find anything. I ran into H&M as my last shop, and found not just one, but two lovely dresses, coming in at £25 together. I haven't got a picture of the one I wore on that night out, but I wore the second one recently, with knee high socks because that's just how I'd imagined it, and I think it worked!


Ooh check me out colour blocking! It's a really nice colour, not one I would have usually gone for but I was desperate, and I'm glad I did now. I wore it with my bright pink watch, bright blue necklace, and bright pink and blue feather earrings. The black mark on the pocket is a skull and crossbones sticker...don't ask!

I can't remember if I've put today's outfit up before, but even if I have I think it deserves another look because it's one of my favourite charity shop finds of a work outfit.

Bit creased! The iron and myself aren't very close. In fact barely on speaking terms.

This dress is lovely, good quality material and a great neckline. I'm wearing it with a Primark belt and this cute heart necklace I got from a retro shop in Kemptown.

Last thing; it's National Blood Week this week, so do try and donate if you can! Here's the link for info and to find out where sessions are being held near you.

Danni x


Lauren said...

Beautiful dresses :) and that necklace is fab, so cute and unique!

Alex said...

Your H&M sounds like every Primark I've ever been in - rows and rows of size 6 and 8 and sod all else. I can only assume they either stock bizarrely or that all the non super-skinny people buy up all the other sizes before I get there.

Love both frocks by the way. The orange one is a glorious colour and the blue one is an amazing shape on you.

Amii x said...

Yup, every sale rack seems to be the same! Every time i manage to find something in my size, it's normally faulty! Those dresses are adorable though, and that necklace is fab! x

Forever Miss Vanity said...

Your blog is lovely :) I love that necklace.

I'm following :)



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