Monday, 20 June 2011

Polka dots and pubs

Hello everyone,

ARGH Monday already, the weeks do seem to be going by quickly lately, but then so do the weekends. Blink and you'll miss them.

I did manage to get to the shops on Friday although I went wearing two coats, which kind of worked to keep me dry.

I bought a black with white spots maxi skirt, a really interesting pack of replica leaflets, ration books etc from WWII (just to deviate slightly, I'm really interested in women's roles in the War, and last weeks Stylist magazine - a fantastic free read if you get it in your local newsagents, or even online - had an article about that exact thing, and also the recommendation of a book by Sarah Waters called the Night Watch which follows four women through their experiences of the war. I've ordered it and will do a review after I've read it - I haven't done one of those for ages!) and lastly, a gorgeous green with white spots dress from BHS, probably from the 80's. I haven't worn it out yet but it was too good not to try on and take a picture of!

I don't know why I look so grumpy in these photos! Also I've realised that we have a proper camera now, time to lose the taking pictures of yourself look on my blog I think! Although when the camera falls off a carefully positioned stack of books for the 100th time I may have to reconsider.

I went to Portsmouth on Saturday to see some friends, and I just wanted to show you the best named pub EVER. What do you think?


Lastly, fantastic news that I now have over 40 followers, thanks to everyone who follows me! I'm going to gather/sort out some things for the giveaway and hopefully have it up and running within a week. Exciting!

Danni x


Deb@beautiful things said...

Loving your dress! But hahaha at your 2 coats :) That really made me giggle :) :) but not as much as THAT pub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D xxx

sophie - country girl said...

I adore that green polka dot dress, its lovely and suits you! Great pub name, ha.

Alex said...

I am muchly liking the new blog layout. That header is fab; so sassy.

The green dress is gorgeous! The fit is perfect too - don't you love it when that happens with random finds?

xXxStundonxXx said...

That dress is gorgeous, it looks really nice on you.

Loving that pub name! Also the weather looks so nice on that photo!!!

Thanks for your comment on my blog btw, I too have been messing around with the layout, thanks for noticing!


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Brilliant pub name and cute dress on you. Sarah Waters is a great author, I've enjoyed all her books although if you haven't read her before be aware there's usually quite a lot of lesbian sex in them so not one for the train!

J xx said...

Hope you don't mind another follower ? :0) I'm in your neck of the woods too, so will be looking forward to all your posts x

Fantastic green dress, it hangs lovely and the belt shows off your waist beautifully!

I'll have to seek out the pub next time I'm heading that way.

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