Wednesday, 1 June 2011

It's been too long...

Hello! Remember me?

How are you all?

I've been so busy with weddings, a trip to New York, my yearly folk festival and enjoying the spring - I think those are good enough reasons for not posting recently don't you?

I'll only do a very few pictures because if I show you too many you might wish I'd not bothered - seriously, we bought a new camera recently and there have been so many pictures taken.

So, having shown you a picture of my "official" wedding guest outfit in my last post, I'll show you my Royal Wedding guest outfit in this one. Obviously I didn't go, but instead had a lovely time in my friend Ben's back garden - he went all out with decorations, champagne and sandwiches.

Dress - Velvet
Shoes - New but from a vintage event stall
Hat - charity shop
Bag - Primark

Me up the Empire State Building! I was SO proud of myself, I'm terrified of heights and was crying when I got out of the lift!
The only clothes I bought in New York (I know, shame on me!) - a maxi dress and jacket from Forever 21. I loved this outfit so much. This is me on a saddle in a Mexican bar before MANY frozen marguritas and tequilas.

 And these last two are a glimpse of the madness that is my folk festival. Highlight of my year.

I look forward to catching up with all of you,

Danni x


Alex said...

Danni! Lovely to see you back. More pics please! The New York trip sounds amazing.

Also do I spy from your Twitter box in the margin that you're a Dollhouse fan? Awesome!

ps - hardly anyone understands what I mean when I say chipsticks either. I think they all imagine those poofy thicker ones?

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