Monday, 27 June 2011

Will you be my sunshine?

Yay for sun. Boo that it probably won't last till tomorrow.

I spent a very hot day in London on Saturday, and a hot but much more relaxed day on Hove Lawns yesterday.

Here is the outfit I wore yesterday (check out me not taking pictures of myself in the mirror!)

A gorgeous Dorothy Perkins dress I got in the sale for £17, my lovely straw hat I got in Turkey last year, and Primark sandals - THAT STAY ON MY FEET!!! I know that's probably not a big deal for a lot of you, but as I think I've mentioned before, I just can't walk in flip flops, they throw themselves off my feet or I fall over. And gladiator shoes rub my feet to bits. I basically just have the world's most awkward feet and am usually in some kind of pain from any shoes that I wear. So these are lovely!

I'll be putting up some of the giveaway stuff tomorrow so come and have a look.

Danni x


daisychain said...

I totally have awkward feet too!

Lauren said...

Fab hat!! I tend to slide out of sandals... I don't know if I have abnoramlly slippery feet or what but gladiators and the like have me sliding around like Bambi!

J xxx said...

Loving the hat! Turkey is a fantastic country :0)

Alex said...

You look amazing in that dress! I've been wanting it for ages but I think it's a bit too much white for me. The skirt version is probably a more realistic purchase but I tried on the orangey version of it on Saturday and wasn't overly keen on the fit, so might just save my money.

Don't think my feet are quite as bad as yours but there's one thing I definitely can't do and that's toe posts. They rip my feet to utter shreds. I don't understand how people cope in them all day.

ps - you can get some sort of foot stuff that's a bit Vaseliney in consistency that stops glads from rubbing on your feet. Have a look for it in Boots - super useful at this time of year!

Sophie - Country girl said...

I have naughty feet for wearing shoes. I walk out of anything that's not strapped firmly on. I love your wonderful hat! Great summer look.

Brat said...

Love that dress! Looks so comfy and just the right material - I haaaaate dresses made from polyester and elastene, ugh clingy!
Know exactly what you mean about sandals! I bought some cheapo ones from Primark.. they gape att he top, what is with that?! So I bought some from Next which were considerably more expensive and they still don't sit just right, think I made a mistake getting toe post ones.. They're gonna kill me! x

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