Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My Life in Outfits

I should really keep some of these pictures back for another time, but I'm not very organised and I get excited when I have new pictures, so here's a whole load! I took these over the weekend because it was quite a busy one.

The first outfit is probably my favourite. I wore this out for a meal with some friends and got a couple of compliments, which is always nice isn't it?!

I'm wearing a jewel-green (even though it looks blue) shift dress from a charity shop, black cardi and black Primark heels. And grey tights - I must wear tights more often! I love how they look but almost every dress I have is too short to wear with tights (with dignity!).

This dress is my favourite weekend hanging around the house outfit - I don't do proper slobby clothes to be honest!

I got this dress from ebay.

On Saturday night we used a Groupon voucher to go for a meal in nearby Lewes - the meal was so good, we ate LOADS.

I got this lovely dress from TKMaxx, it was something ridiculous like £30 down from £130. It looked better without leggings but it was pouring down!

I wore this on Sunday, I got the jumper from George at Asda last year, old demin skirt, new red brogues, and this gorgeous dog brooch that my friend Ben bought me for my birthday.

And lastly, here's the outfit I wore for my first day of college - which went really well, thanks for your nice messages!

One of my current favourite dresses from Dorothy Perkins, my vintage cardi and - my new red hair! It's brighter than it looks in the photos but I haven't managed to take a good picture yet.

So there's my life in outfits over four days.

Which one do you like best?

Danni x


dinoprincesschar said...

I LOVE that dog brooch! and the blue/green dress is lovely in your first photo :)

Harriet said...

I love all your outfits, but I totally agree the first *definitely* has the wow factor!

Vix said...

You look gorgeous in all of them but the first one's my favourite for the glorious colour. Loving the greyhound brooch, too.
Hope college is going well. x
PS Yep, I'm a rings off at bedtime, too. People always ask how long it takes me to put them on, too. Strange!

Sophie - Country girl said...

the first dress is gorgeous, you look fabulous! I am in awe of your wonderful red jumper. I need bold jumpers in my life asap.

Sophie said...

Your going make me pick my favourite? I can't! I love the all, as always very jealous of your dress collection!

Tiny D said...

I love the first one-the green is such a lovely colour and the dress really suits you.

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