Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Tout de le fruit!

Bonjour! I'm back from France, I had a lovely time, most days involved drinking wine around the pool but I also (very uncharacteristically for my lazy arse) went horse-riding and kayaking. The kayaking was on my birthday and I had the worst hangover ever after playing cards with tequila shots as forefeits the night before. Luckily the water soothed me enough to drink again that night!

I bought an Evans swimdress for the holiday because I just couldn't be bothered with holding my stomach in and feeling huge after lots of bread-and-wine drinking, and it was a complete saviour. I'll post a picture of me in it when I get my camera pictures uploaded.

The town we went to for my birthday meal was gorgeous, all windy streets, and round every corner there was a fake shop painted on the wall, here are some pictures from my iphone...

And this was our cottage:

 And a quick outfit post from Monday night, sticking with my promise to myself of using up the things in my wardrobe instead of buying more.

Miss Selfridge dress, Dorothy Perkins cardi, New Look boots via charity shop and a gorgeous little handheld mirror necklace from my friend Jess "because you know how vain you are" - thanks!! (but very true)

Danni x


daisychain said...

welcome back! x

Sophie - Country girl said...

it sounds like a great time. I love the pictures of the fake shop, its so cool. The cottage looks lovely, so jel you went horse riding x

Alex said...

Oh that looks so beautiful! Glad you had such a lovely time :) More photos please!

Vix said...

Gorgeous pictures and such a pretty dress, too. x

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