Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I love Henry Holland stuff.  I find it really easy to wear and comfy, and it goes up to a size 18 unlike a lot of other designers.

Here's a dress from H! that I got from ebay and wore out at the weekend:

It's a bit more peachy than the orange than it looks. Love the buttons on it.

This is my college outfit from our last real sunny day, boo. H&M top, H&M skirt weird, an H&M cardi! I never realised.

Lastly an old faithful from today, Charity shop skirt as a dress, Primark belt and Dorothy Perkins top.

Kind of looking forward to autumn and the cosy clothes, just hope it doesn't rain too much...

Danni x


Sophie - Country girl said...

the peachy dress is lovely and I like your yellow cardi, very bright and cheerful x

daisychain said...

I love that first dress, you have a fab ability to pull off any colour!

Sophie said...

I need to raid your dress collection seriously. I have always admired Henry Holland clothing from afar but not brought any yet. Need to change this!

La Dama said...

I wear most my long ass skirts as dresses. yours looks great.I'm afraid I never tried Henry holland orange frock.

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