Thursday, 13 October 2011

Too much stuff

My sole post of the week today! How are you all? Good I hope. I'm not going to go on about Autumn because everyone else is - including myself on a guest post, but details on that next week - but isn't it lovely now that it's (mostly) here? It's still quite warm but the leaves are changing and it's getting darker quicker.

I'm still wearing my trusty cape but adding a scarf and looking forward to bigger coats.

I bought a lovely top/dress/thing from H&M recently, it was only £7 I think and it's so nice and simple to throw on (and throw food down, of course it being pure white means I will throw BBQ chicken down it).

Worn with a denim skirt, my Evans cowboy boots and my toucan watch necklace.

I got a voucher for my birthday which I spent last weekend on a lovely dress from Dorothy Perkins.

Isn't it lovely! I do love a good polka dot.

Accessorised with some vintage earrings (sorry about the massive ear shot)

I've been doing ok-ish at not buying too many new things (I know this post completely goes against that) but I MUST do more of a clear out, the amount of clothes on my floor is getting ridiculous...

Danni x


Lauren said...

Love the dress! And beautiful earrings, I wish I had some vintage! x

Sophie - Country girl said...

lovely polka dot dress, you look fab!

La Dama said...

I am your swap biatch!
let me know if you see anything you like on my junk blog. I love polka dots too.especially dresses.

Helen said...

Cute dress! I love polka dots, they are so cheerful, as cheesey as that sounds

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