Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Festively thrown together

I constantly crave coloured tights, but can never find any in my size. I can barely find normal tights for that matter! I love the way they look but combined with the fact that ALL my dresses are bum skimmers because I rely on my leggings too much, means I don't wear tights a lot.

But when I was in Primark yesterday I picked up a rust/burnt orange/reddy orange/who knows coloured pair of leggings, so these will have to do me for now!

Skirt and leggings - Primark, tshirt - Iron Fist, Cardi - H&M, Boots - Evans

I had an idea in my head of what this outfit would look like having bought the leggings and skirt, wanting to wear one of my new tshirts and finding these gorgeous boots and promising myself to wear them. I got dressed and came out to the mirror with trepidation in case it hadn't worked. But it did! Although the skirt is a wee bit short for work. Ah well, there's no one in today anyway.

On another point, how come when I'm Christmas shopping I always manage to get loads of stuff for me? It makes me remember why I don't go shopping that much any more, because I cannot control myself.

I bought a pair of shoes that I could NOT afford, luckily the boyfriend was struggling for a present for me so he "bought" me those! Happy days. He is wrapping them up though so they'll be part of a 'what I got for Christmas' post.

I probably won't be posting again before Christmas, so have a fantastic time everyone!

Jingle Balls x


Lauren said...

I am the same when Christmas shopping!! It's terrible!! Have a great Christmas missus! x

Sophie said...

I love the colour of the leggings, talk about making a statement! Looking good lady!
Merry Christmas!

La Dama said...

Did you get me email?
you should receive your package by today or tomorrow.

Merry Christmas Amor!

Vix said...

Those leggings are a fabulous colour. Have a very happy Xmas! x

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