Friday, 16 December 2011

Quick change

Hi everyone!

I'm only just beginning to feel festive - I watched Love Actually last night which is the way I mark Christmas time beginning, and then it snowed in Brighton - only for about half an hour and it didn't settle but still!

So - I've been fed up of lugging about a change of clothes for Christmas parties after work when I haven't got time to go home and change. Even if I start off the day thinking I look nice, if I go out somewhere I always like to wear something different. I'm well known for always dressing up and I like doing it! But as good as I am at packing light (wearing the belt or cardi that evening that I wore to work, keeping the same shoes on too) it does get annoying carrying things around and getting changed in teeny tiny toilets.

So this week I wore an outfit to college that only involved swapping a jumper for a jacket and it was so nice and easy. I'm going to try and do this with more outfits.

The comfy day version: red jumper from George, blue dress River Island (via charity shop), black boots from Evans.

The funky evening version: belt (worn previously under the jumper) from Primark, Jacket from charity shop.

Luckily I never wear heels so I can just keep the same shoes on.

Have any of you got any good tricks for getting ready for a Christmas party? Or do you just go home and do it properly?

Danni x


Sophie said...

I am awful at light packing, one exmaple is tonight where I have took 4 shopper tote bags full of things to get ready tonight!
Looks like yor're the queen of going from day to night!

Belle du Brighton said...

It snowed in Brighton today? Completely missed that! I love the blazer, good find!

Lauren said...

Very clever transformation!

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