Friday, 2 December 2011

Suprise outfit & the best skirt in the world

I hate being in a panic and not having an outfit planned in my head that I can just put on and get on with my make up. I always try and pre-choose my outfit so I'm not standing there with the contents of my wardrobe around me stressing out. The downside is that I forget things that are at the back of my wardrobe, and I don't get to do suprise outfits much. You know when you pull out a few things, put them together and SUPRISE! It actually works. This happened to me lately.

It doesn't show so well in the pictures, but the mustard shrug just went SO well with my silky black dress. I only threw it on in a panic. I also finally got my first wear out of these fabulous navy shoes I bought about a year ago, luckily I wasn't walking much (I don't really do heels despite having loads!)

Dress - Bershka, shrug - Dorothy Perkins, Shoes - Evans.

And now for the amazing skirt that I'm wearing today.

Isn't it beautiful? I got it from Butler and Wilson (I was very excited when I found out they did some clothes as well as jewellery) for £15 in the sale. I haven't worn it for ages but I get so many compliments when I do.

I hope you all have lovely weekends, I've got my Dad and Step-mum visiting, so lots of time in the pub, and I need to finish off my personal statement for my UCAS application - I'm finding the whole thing more stressful than anything before so I'll be very relieved when it's sent off on Tuesday.

Oh and all you lovely people who comment, I appreciate it so much, I do read your blogs but time limits me to just being a lurker at the moment I'm afraid! Virtual hugs to you and all my readers though!

Danni x


Lauren said...

That skirt is brilliant! So unusual and unique. I love it when an outfit comes together!

Sophie said...

Wow that really is am amazing skirt! I love Russian Dolls!

Faff said...

Awesome shoes! I've been trying to find some like this with no luck so far... :)

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