Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bobbly bits

I am so bad at taking pictures of things I want to blog about. Ah well, you will have to put with the same old outfit post. I'm trying to mix things up a bit and wear some clothes I haven't worn for a while as I'm temped to join in with Frugal February to save money and have less STUFF. Although as with last year, I'm letting ebay buys slip through - I mean, what if there is an absolute once in a lifetime bargain to be had on there??

Today I went with my £5 bargain of a skirt from Dorothy Perkins and a jumper I got from a charity shop last year.

It's unusual but a nice neutral colour and quite lightweight.

Here are the bobbles - they remind me of nipples a bit so sorry if I've made anyone blush!

Worn with one of my favourite necklaces...

 ...and my vintage clip-on earrings

Are you taking part in frugal February?

Danni x


Gem said...

the little bobbly jumper is lovely!
I need to take part in this frugal Feb, I spent a fortune on eBay this weekend. I had sold lots of things so I had money in my paypal account but it should have gone in my savings really :( I just bought a few new dresses and shoes so I really don't need to buy anything for a month, it is a short month too so how hard can it be? eeek x

daisychain said...

I love that skirt, it's such a gorgeous colour x

Alice said...

I love this outfit, the colours work really well together. I always spend too much on eBay it's just too tempting to bid on stuff that you can't buy in shops etc xxx

Sophie - Country girl said...

love your bobbly top :)
I probably ought to give frugal feb a try...

Sophie said...

Haha you made me laugh with your description of the jumper. Now I can't get it out of my head! ;)

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