Saturday, 28 January 2012

Animal Crackers

I can't get enough of animal print at the moment, it's probably my most typed search into ebay this week. Unfortunately it's not turning up too much, but this week I've managed to wear both an old and a new item of clothing with animal print on it.
I received a package from ebay on Thursday, with this nice dress in:

A lovely vintage dress for about a fiver.

Continuing with trying to wear things I haven't worn for ages, I wore the dress under this fantastic rabbit jumper that I hunted down on ebay after seeing it on a blogger (originally from Next).

And I'm wearing this new purchase - oh dear, I've just realised it will be one of the last until March 1st - today to some charity shopping and birthday present buying (Happy Birthday Ben, can't wait to drink cocktails with you!).

I LOVE this. I shamelessly copied it from my friend at college. It's from H&M. Isn't the print so cute?

Enjoy your weekends everyone!

Danni x


daisychain said...

That bunny jumper, LOVE! If you ever decide to get rid, I want first dibs!

Sophie - Country girl said...

love the second outfit sooo much. I'm really into ickle animal prints too :)

Sophie said...

I love all the animal prints!

Harriet said...

I love the first dress especially, it looks great with the hot pink jumper!

Alice said...

I love the rabbit jumper, such a cute print xxx

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