Wednesday, 11 January 2012



Just thought I'd make that clear. I was joyous at the weekend after I spotted the Waterstones sale - 99p books! You can't go wrong. I sifted through a big pile pretty thoroughly because I didn't want to miss any gems.

[EDIT] Duh, forgot to say the best bit! Not only were they only 99p but I found a 6 month old book voucher in my purse and used that. So there were actually free. Clearly I got over-excited and forgot to mention that!

I came away with five books. Lucia Victrix by EF Benson, Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet (which I've already read but I bought it for Tom, it's very good), Cuckoo by Julia Crouch, Map of Time by Felix Palma and a Martina Cole.

I've just finished reading Cuckoo today and it's very good, about a woman who lets her best friend stay and then her life starts to go awry!

Last week I also read Men I've Loved Before by Adele Parks which was pretty good and The Snowman by Jo Nesbo - terrifying! I'm not sure whether I'm getting more wimpy or it was actually scary, but it's a good read. I read another chick-lit book as well but it's fallen out of my mind already, I'm terrible for that.

I bought three dresses from Dorothy Perkins recently, I got all three for £38 with the sale and my NUS card, bargain. Here are a couple of them:

Haha, not sure why I'm making that face in the last photo. I loooooooove polka dots, I'm addicted, and seem to be trying to get them on every colour dress possible!

I'm not going to do a big list of stuff I got for Christmas but there'll be loads of new stuff popping up in the next few posts. Although I am doing a full post of the package I got from La Dama from the FHCS Christmas Present swap because it was bloody amazing and so thoughtful. Also coming soon; 2012, the year of the hat?

And to finish:


Danni x


confusedbrit said...

Love this post...mainly because it contains my two favourite things - books and dresses! I've read quite a fair bit of Adele Parks, and always rather enjoyed her writing

The second dress is definitely my favourite...such a sucker for a bit of polka dotted dress, and the red with the mustard is such a great colour combo. Fab!

And lastly, that woman speaks such wise be truly happy sometimes requires one to be quite intoxicated indeed!!

Alice said...

I'm already planning a trip to Waterstones now! I love it when they have a sale, you got some great bargains.
The polka dot dress is so lovely, they really suit you xxx

Forever Miss Vanity said...

You look fabulous in polka dots, I always look silly.

I really need to buy some new books too.


Sophie said...

Looks like you grabbed some right bargains! Love cheap books, really begrudge spending £6-7 on a book hence why I hunt them down in charity shops.
Loving the dotty P dresses, you always have the prettiest dresses!

daisychain said...

Hurrah for bargain books, and I am loving the polka dots x

La Dama said...

What bargains amor! I especially love your polka dot frock.
Oooo you better prostitute yourself up!

Sophie - Country girl said...

love your polka dot dress, it's going to look great in all seasons. I loved Pillars of the Earth on tv last year and my hubby read the book before that.

Lauren D said...

omg, free books! The polka dot dress is lovely too, although you always look lovely :) Map of time sounds really good! xx

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