Friday, 16 March 2012


Hello my lovelies!

What a nice Friday it's shaping up to be. Not weather-wise; it's miserably drab outside. But inside I have my new Bertie boots on, a runner-up goodie bag from Vicky at Lady Bug Says... on my desk and I'm off to Cornwall later.

First, the boots. They're just normal chelsea boots, but I've always really liked Bertie shoes and seeing as these boots were originally £100+ I thought £20 from ebay wasn't bad.

What do you think?

Next, a dress that I haven't worn for over a year that I wore out for steak and cocktails last Friday:

Tom getting in on the action! It's actually the green in the lower picture in reality. It was from Debenhams I think. Worn with a vintage cover-up and Primark belt. Check out my Nutella glass with my vodka and coke in! They're so handy.

Lastly, I went to Worcester last weekend to visit a friend, and on Sunday she MADE me climb a massive hill. It was definitely worth it but firstly I'm scared of heights and it was very high, and secondly I was not dressed for the occassion at all, wearing my usual vintage dress and brogues. I got some funny looks from the people with walking boots and walking poles! Oh well.

The heart shaped sunglasses I borrowed from my friend probably didn't help either...

Danni x

PS - I'm off to Paris next week - does anyone have any tips of places to go?

PPS - You can win a BEAUTIFUL Diana F+ camera over on a Thrifty Mrs' blog, go and have a look (just be warned I'll hate you if you win...)


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I heard about this place from Comtesse de Ferveur who lives in Paris at the moment - it's on my list for when I next go. She drags loads of stuff out of the 1 euro bin

I love my heart sunglasses and get similar looks at school when I wear them in the playground.

daisychain said...

Those boots were a bargain! I love them x

Sophie said...

The heart sunglasses are amazing! Hill climbing does not sound like fun haha!

Alice said...

I got home from Paris two weeks ago and had the most wonderful time! I loved seeing all the sights and of course the whole city is so beautiful.
Be sure to check out Chanel- luxury beyond luxury!

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