Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tweed and leopard print

I don't know about you but that blog title thrills me a bit!

So, my vintage find. Unfortunately we didn't have loads of time to go vintage shopping because there were so many other things to do in our short time in Paris. But I'll definitely be going back one day to make up for it. I'd been recommended a place called Free P Star (a play on the word Fripe which is 'second-hand' in French) by a few people so we wandered around and found it. It was teeny tiny, but did have an upstairs and downstairs bit. Again we were in a bit of a rush (and my boyfriend was bored!) so I just had a quick rummage. They had loads of lovely stuff though and really cheap, which is a nice change to our expensive vintage shops!

Have a look at the downstairs bit:

And now for my lovely find (after I'd put down a crazy fugly dress)

Ta dah!

Isn't it cute? I think it's a men's jacket but it fits really well.

I'm wearing it with the vintage leopard print skirt I got at Plus London from Red Bow Vintage and a primark vest top and belt.

Finding this did make me realise I haven't bought anything from charity shops for a while so hopefully I'll get to some on the weekend and find more gems!

Danni x


daisychain said...

Wow, that really is amazing find!

Alice said...

Such a fab find and fab label too! I wish I'd known about this place on my trip, but like you will hope to go back one day xxx

Gem said...

oooh how lovely! I've got a mens Dior Blazer that I bought on ebay for £20 because someone made a spelling mistake, my brother borrowed it and never gave it back!! cheeky x

Elise said...

Ooh loving the blazer, tweed is awesome :)

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