Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bonjour mon petit chouxs

Hello my little cabbages! I don't quite know why that's my favourite french phrase (see post title) but I like it even if it does make me sound like Dame Edna in English.

Paris was amazing, of course. It was sunny, warm - almost too warm, I definitely could have done with lighter shoes and I didn't need my scarf at all - and just so beautiful. I couldn't stop looking up at all the buildings and wishing I lived in one of them.

We didn't rush around ticking things off but pottered, people watched and ate lots of nice things. We tried steak tartare which is gorgeous; it tastes like salad! I know that makes no sense with it being uncooked raw beef but still.

So here are some pictures, just from my iphone as I haven't sorted out the camera ones yet.


Me in the mornings
Looking Parisian
This is the H&M dress I wanted to show you! I love it.
Steak Tartare
One of my favourite dresses, from Bershka, with Dorothy Perkins shrug
Tomorrow I'll share my (sadly only) vintage find with you, it's a good un!

Danni x


Emma said...

Oh, Paris... I will visit you one day!

Love those gargoyles, and looking forward to seeing your vintage find. x

confusedbrit said...

Oh, how much I wish I could just jet off to Paris....I really dont half adore that city! Loving the outfits, especially the dogtooth one...all very chic!

Alice said...

Oh gosh this is making me want to go back so much! We had perfect weather too, couldn't quite believe it, we had packed scarfs and jumpers and was pleasantly surprised xxx

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