Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Hiya, just a quick one today. I went to Cornwall on the weekend to see my new nephew-not-quite-in-law who's a cutie, then college Mon and Tues, in work for one day and then off to Paris tomorrow. I'm still not sure what to wear, I've gotten so entrenched in my winter clothes that now it's brightening up I want to wear more Spring-like things. But it's still freezing! Ah well, it's only three days it won't be that big a problem.

I dyed my hair last night ready for the trip as well - I didn't want any chic Parisians looking down their noses at my greys (greys! At 25! Woe) so now I'm back to being a nice red with a sharp short fringe instead of looking like a shaggy dog.

Today I'm wearing a Dorothy Perkisn dress that I got at Christmas.

 And seeing as you can see it in the picture I decided to introduce you to my new backpack! I was getting really bad neck pain from lugging around heavy holdalls so this is perfect. Only £10 from Primark.

Au Revoir!

Danni x


Belle du Brighton said...

Ooooh la la!!! Enjoy Paris!
I started getting grays at 21! I have lots all along my parting. SO DEPRESSING!

AmiiScarlet said...

I started going grey at 14 - I have two big patches at the front of my head and one at the back, boooo!

Enjoy paris lovely! Have a great time :D xxx

confusedbrit said...

Loving the new do and your outfit is lovely! I reckon you'll fit right in when you head to Paris...

See, the downside with reading blogs about 36 hours before payday is that when you see a gorgeous bag that then turns out to be from Primark you know you'll be likely to possibly purchase one for yourself....baaaaaad Sara!!

danniekate said...

cuuute, love your glasses! xx

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Love the colour. Have a blast! x hivenn

Alice said...

Have a wonderful time in Paris! Love the look of that backpack xxx

Elise said...

Ah love your backpack! Kinda like that these are making a comeback, reminds me of primary school tho! :)

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