Thursday, 25 November 2010

Wintery Forest

I thought I'd share with you the outfit I'm wearing today, because I love it. Unfortunately it's in bits, because I do not have a) a good camera, b) anywhere to put my mobile phone so it takes a picture of my whole self, and c) someone at home at 8am when I'm ready for work and want a picture taking.

Here's an unusual dress I got for half price from Dorothy Perkins:

Then there's this ring which I got from an independent shop called Life in Cornwall:

It looks very wintery, but do flowers grow in winter? Oh never mind, I won't ruin this blog post with silly things like facts!

And lastly, some very lovely Ice Queen-esque earrings which a friend bought me a few years ago.

I think I fit right in with this freezing weather, which I love, it means I can wear my fake fur coat without getting heatstroke, snuggle into big cardis and scarves at work, and stare out of the window hoping for snow! I'm very jealous of the parts of the country that have it. Fingers crossed for Brighton next!

Danni x


Alex said...

Ooh, what gorgeous stuff. I remember lusting after that dress in DP earlier in the year but it was never around in my size. The jewellery is stunning!

Vintage Vixen said...

Beautiful, especially those earrings. I'm definately feeling the big fake fur coat (and hat) love at the moment. xxx

dannithegirl said...

Alex, it's £12 online now! Not sure of sizes though x

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