Friday, 11 February 2011

Friday Flamingos

Hello! I've definitely got that Friday feeling today! I'm wearing a new outfit which helps. I popped into Primark on the way home yesterday (which almost made me late for Bootcamp, I need to sort my priorities out!) and picked up this lovely flamingo print dress.

I also got the belt in the picture, and this lovely little locket for £1.50!

I liked the dress so much I took a risk and got a size 12 which was the biggest one left, and it fits fine. I can usually get away with quite a small dress size compared to the rest of me. I also got a dress in size 16 and some shorts in size 18 - does anyone else get such mixed sizes?!

I wanted to wear this dress with tights not leggings today, but it was just too short, dammit! Although the office is so quiet today I could have got away with a bit of flashing!!

I'm pretty knackered today because I did a bootcamp last night and then another one this morning, making it four sessions this week! Phew! My sister is coming down this weekend so I am going to make up for my freaky fitness by going back to my natural state of eating everything I see and drinking LOTS.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Danni x


MLMB said...

Your dress and necklace is gorgeous! Looks really fab on you! I'm the same... different sizes... but I blame the manufactors *chuckles* xxx

Laurs said...

Ahh great dress! The locket is lovely too! :) I love that style of jewellery but I can never find it! x

Vintage Vixen said...

That dress is lovely and you're looking very trim, that boot camp's obviously paying off.
Dressmaking patterns - look for the simple ones, there's some vintage ones called "Jiffy" which are absolutely brilliant as they only contain three pieces. xxx

dannithegirl said...

Great! Thanks - straight on ebay now to see if I can get them there. Thank you for the compliment too, how lovely! xx

Misfits Vintage said...

GORGEOUS!!! Love the frock and the necklace is fabbo.

More pics please!

Sarah xxx

Alex said...

Oh Primark sizes are completely mental. I've got a size 18 dress that's smaller than a size 12 one. Makes no sense whatsoever!

Hannah said...

The dress is gorgeous, I really want a cameo necklace too

Bow Dream Nation xx

Alice said...

I love the Flamingo print, I may well have to keep an eye for this one in Primark.
The locket is lovely too xx

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