Friday, 25 February 2011

Style thief!

Happy Friday everyone!

I've been a real style thief lately, I bought a gorgeous polka dot dress from New Look last week that I saw on Gemma's blog, Big Girls Browse, as well as another blog (which I can't remember now) and I also recently bought this Primark dress after seeing it on Blargle Fargle's blog. It's longer than I usually buy, which is actually quite nice, not having to worry about my bum showing is a change from the norm for me! It's very flattering around the waist so I decided not to wear a belt with it.

I love that through other peoples blogs you can see dresses that you never would have known to buy, see how they look on and think about how you'd style it your way. Also as Gem from Fat Frocks mentioned in her last post, you can see through your own photos how your outfits look to others, and maybe what you can change to make it look even better! Good all round really.

You can also just about see that I'm wearing a gorgeous green bracelet I got in a charity shop recently for 99p. Since I bought it I've seen quite a few of these in various colours, they're really nice to wear as they have a good weight to them. No markings though so I've no idea where they come from.

I've got a busy weekend planned, my boyfriend's brother and girlfriend, and sister and boyfriend are on their way to Brighton from Cornwall as I speak (type), so it's into Brighton town for drinks tonight, and then a group of twenty of us are going to a crazy tropical bar called Bali Brasserie that I've mentioned before, for cocktails and food tomorrow night.

Have fantastic weekends you lovely lot - oh and thank you for all your great comments on my last post, and all the rest of the time, they're so nice to read!

Danni x


daisychain said...

Have a fab weekend lovely!

Alice said...

That dress is so lovely on you, the print is gorgeous.

Have a wonderful weekend xx

Alex said...

Ooh that looks gorgeous on you - such a great shape. Where's the cardi from? It's a lovely colour.

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