Tuesday, 8 February 2011

 Hello! What a bee-YOO-tiful day it is! My favourite kind of weather, sunny and cold.

And I'm happy for another reason too: no longer shall I have to feel sad about saying 'Oh I've put on muscle which is why I haven't lost any weight' (which is true by the way) because I have actually lost weight now! I'm 3lbs off a stone, woopee! It has taken two months of getting up at 6am three times a week though. The new group I'm doing bootcamp with meets in the evenings, and I have to say that it's harder to go. In the morning you're just on autopilot and then before you know it the exercise is out of the way, whereas in the evening it's very easy to talk yourself out of going. At least for me, I'd hate to tar you all with my lazy brush!

I have bought far too many little bits and pieces lately to put up photos of all of them - suffice to say I'm making up for not shopping online by doing it elsewhere...

But I'm going to show you two lovely new items that I got in Debenhams sale on Sunday. The sale is amazing by the way, massive reductions AND buy one get one free! I came out with eight things and they worked out at £6 each. Does anyone else get sale frenzy? I don't mean just the actual buying, but the shaky hands, the sweats from trying on too many things in an overheated changing room, and an insatiable thirst from where you hadn't realised you'd be doing so much exercise (rushing from sales rack to sales rack counts as exercise yes?) and so have only drunk two cups of coffee and no water so far that day. I hope it's not just me.

'Scuse the flash, it was either this or a picture of me looking terrified for some reason! This lovely grey dress with a belt I've had for years.

And this fantastic skirt for about £11 - isn't it gorgeous! I'm wearing it today.

I have a new mission in life: to set up a jumble sale in Brighton! There are never any centrally, and I get so jealous reading about Vix's 20p finds that I've decided to do something about it! I've emailed the church community centre on my road to see if they'll hold one. If not I'll look elsewhere, but I'm determined to get one going!

Danni x


Alice said...

I love the end of sales, because they always reduce down to such low prices.
That skirt looks lovely x

Vintage Vixen said...

That skirt looks brilliant on you! Holding your own jumble is a great idea. I can't understand why we have so many around here and they are so thin on the ground everywhere else. Maybe us Midlanders are just more thrifty.
Well done on the weightloss, fabulous achievement. xxx

Alex said...

I've been avoiding Debenhams - the one thing I really wanted in their sale was sold out in my size so I took the view that it was better to just leave the website alone! Your dress and skirt are both amazing though so I'm rueing that decision now!

Laurs said...

What a great skirt! I do love a good sale find. I'm currently eyeing up a fur coat left over from Jan sale in Tesco... hoping it goes down in price again!! x

Jess said...

I bloody love you in that dress with the belt, you look amazing!!

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