Thursday, 3 February 2011

So I'm doing ok so far with my not buying online - all of three days! I know, no need to praise me, I know how impressive I am. I do have a few things bookmarked though: this gorgeous dress worn by Sarah at A Million Dresses, and some Spanx as discussed by Jen at A Little Bird Told Me. In fact the Spanx might be the first thing I buy again, I've got three weddings in March and April so they'd definitely come in handy!

I'm being helped with not buying stuff online by the fact that things are still arriving that I bought in January. I bought a daisy print Topshop dress from BlargeFargles blog shop, and two dresses on ebay. One of the dresses was absolutely horrible, I thought it was a nice soft peach colour but it was bright orange and very unflattering! The other one is amazing, such a cool pattern don't you think?

It's longer than it looks in the picture, but I tucked it under the belt as that's the length I'll wear it at when I take it up. Another sewing project if I ever get time! I do't know if polyester is harder to sew or anything though, I'll have to find out.

Oh and I also got a gorgeous dress from Love Miss Daisy, and a gorgeous Miss Selfridge jumpsuit via ebay, but I haven't done pictures yet so I'll show you another time.

Last thing; I'm giving blood this afternoon, I always feel good doing it (and no not just for the mini cheddars they give you afterwards) and I just wanted to say that if you can: DONATE! You can help save lives, as well as getting to wear a sticker all day and feeling smug when you show people...

Danni x


Laurs said...

You get MINI CHEDDARS?! :O All I've ever got is stale biscuits after donating!! Unfair lol. Beautiful pattern on this dress :) x

Alex said...

I got a stale digestive last time! How rude.

I have a skirt in an almost identical pattern to that dress. So pretty.

Vintage Vixen said...

That's a beautiful rose print and a perfect fit.
Mini Cheddars? That's a great incentive although sadly I can't donate. Fab people like you helped save my life, thank you. xxx

Susy said...

Well done for donating :) I almost passed out last time but I shall be going back soon and eating well before going in.

Dress is lovely, sad about the ebay one being awful, so disappointing when that happens. x

Alice said...

The print of the dress is so lovely, and I think giving blood is a wonderful thing to do :)x

Sarah said...

I love the print of that dress, very pretty xx

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