Wednesday, 23 February 2011

You can't stop me!

One of my friends said something to me on the weekend that I can't stop thinking about; "My boyfriend won't let me eat junk food". Now that kind of freaked me out, because personally I don't know how I could let the phrase "my boyfriend won't let me" come out of my mouth. Everyone knows that there are things that your partner or friends don't like you doing, to the point where you try and avoid doing it round them to keep the peace. With me, people don't burp around me, or at least they're polite about it, because I hate burping, but I'd hate anyone to say that I wouldn't LET them do it.

It just made me think about how easily we let people control us, be it an over-bearing friend, a controlling boyfriend or a pushy boss. I actually recently "broke up" with a friend over some personal issues he was having, but even though I'm really sad about it and I miss him, part of me feels quite happy not being friends with him any more, because he'd always want to do things his way and would call me grumpy if I didn't oblige - so I ended up feeling like I was grumpy and a bad friend. Which I wasn't. I'm now seeing my other friends more and it's just so nice to be completely relaxed with them without being criticised.

SO, the point of this was just to say that nobody should LET you do anything (oh no I've thought the word let so much it's become nonsensical) and that the only person who should have control over what you do is YOU.

Wooooooo/cheering/applause *I take a bow* Thank you, thank you, I should be an inspirational speaker ; )

Onto the clothes! I went out last night for a colleagues leaving do, had a lovely time. I drank some hardcode Perry cider, some Rekorderlig and some Tuaca. If the last two things mean nothing to you: Rekorderlig is a Swedish cider made with natural ingredients. I don't like strawberry flavoured stuff but I love strawberries. Strawberry Rekorderlig tastes EXACTLY like strawberries. It's amazing. Tuaca is a liqueur that you have as a shot, but as far as I know in the UK it's only really sold in Brighton, have any of you tried it?

Here's what I wore:

A shirt dress from H&M (with shorts underneath to preserve my [small amount of] dignity), red lippy and my fur coat on top. I also wore this gorgeous Toucan watch necklace that a friend got me for my last birthday. I love it.

Danni x


daisychain said...

I love this post, so true. For some reason I always feel as though I *have* to do what someone asks me to,
but actually, we are all our own people!

I love your dress x

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit, you looked great!

Vintage Vixen said...

I've worked with women like that. It's almost like they take pleasure in "their man" giving them permission to live their lives and that they are more cared for and cherished than us free-thinking individuals.
Fabulously colourful outfit, loving the toucan. xxx

Ivy Black said...

Ooooh! I like it here...
We have one life and it's ours to live and we certainly don't need anyone's permission to be us!
Love that watch, he's

Lauren said...

I know what you mean; I had a controlling 'ex' and I always rephrase things so that I never sadi "He won't let me do such-and-such", but I was really just sugarcoating it. Thank God I got rid of him and now stand up for myself! :)

Cupcake said...

I had to break up with a friend too because he was the same! So sad but also such a relief!

I love your shirt!

MJ said...

Hear hear! The outfit is awesome, too, love the toucan!

Alice said...

Wise words indeed, I know a lot of girls who tend to take every single word there boyfriend tells them, when in fact why not just decide for yourself whether you should do something?

I have been after a clock watch for several years… never quite seen one like this, I love the toucan xx

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