Monday, 1 August 2011

Muddling through

This isn't going to be a very coherent post today. My brain is addled by drinking copious amounts of Tuaca on Saturday night. It all started off with a BBQ on Hove Lawns late afternoon, and wound up with us getting in at 6am from a house party.


My Dorothy Perkins delivery did turn up on Friday, three out of four items were lovely, the fourth was a bad fit so is going back. The bigger size one DID fit, which made me feel like a fatty but as Alex said, DP has weird sizing.

I wore the dress on Friday night to go out for sushi and cocktails.

Dress - DP, Jacket - Forever 21, Necklace - Boots

Yum! Love sushi.

I'll show the other DP dresses as and when I wear them. My other recent buys are:

Cute shoes for £4 from the vintage market that I mentioned in a recent post.

This amazing bag from ASOS that I bought immediately after seeing on Bethany's Arched Eyebrow blog (a new fave, check it out). ASOS had free next day delivery so after buying it Friday afternoon I received it at five to nine on Saturday morning! I was very pleased (once I had gone back to bed for a few hours). I bought a cute spotty dress too.

I'll leave you with a lovely Brighton picture that I took on Saturday, and the hope that I have made sense so far.

Danni x


Rebecca's Vintage Romance said...

I LOVE the colour of your blazer with the blue dress! You look lovely & the ASOS bag is gorgeous.
Brighton looks so nice & sunny! I would love to visit again.
Rebecca x

Alex said...

You're not a fatty at all! Ignore the size labels. If it fits and looks good (which this very definitely does) then that's all that matters.

The Brunette said...

Just came across your blog I am now a follower.

I love the dress and blazer looks great


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Lordy, 3 out 4 things fitting from an internet order would be a resounding success for me - I usually have to try on loads and loads of clothes before I'm happy with anything. Probably why my wardrobe is so paltry. Sizing everywhere is weird, I have things I wear which range from a 8 to a 16 - all labels lie!

Ace Brighton photo x

sophiewearing said...

AHHH sounds like a great weekend! Im currently loving the stuff on DP! Come on payday! xxx

Sophie - Country girl said...

Don't let the size on the label bother you, its all nonsense anyway. love that bag!

Clazzerati said...

Ah, too mnay things to like in one post. The bag is AMAZing. I love, love, love sushi and the Brighton pic is v cool. Was actually down there on Sat, had such a fba time in the sunshine! xx

Anonymous said...

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zizi bloom said...

Love your blog!

Follow me if you like my blog and I'll follow you back. :)


Vix said...

You definitely don't look like "a fatty" to me, it's the label that at's fault, not you.
Loving that bag, what a beauty.

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