Friday, 26 August 2011

All I'll be packing are dresses...

A couple of outfit posts from earlier this week and today. Some of you will have seen them before but I'm at that point now where I can't help but repeat outfits, or there will be none to show!

My favourite work dress (ebay) with my new brougues (missguided)

Did any of you watch The Hour recently? It was on BBC2 and set in 1956. The lead woman, Bel Rowley dresses so well, but not over the top because it's true to the time and she works as a television producer. This dress reminds me of her. Watch it on iplayer if you can!

Today I'm wearing a Primark dress, a warm yellow cardi from a charity shop, and a brooch from a vintage fair.

My new glasses turned up today! Taking a bit of getting used to because they're much bigger than the others.

My "lady parts" brooch as my friends and I like to call it.
Tomorrow I'm off on holiday to Avignon in southern France for a week. It'll be my 25th birthday while I'm out there as well! I can't wait. I'm a birthday freak. I'm having a drinks do in the Mesmerist bar that I mentioned in my last post on the day I get back, and then my Dad and Stepmum are down the following weekend for more drinks and presents! Always best to stretch these things out as long as possible I think.

As my title suggests, my bag will just be full of dresses and a swimsuit, what else do I need?! (And sun cream of course.)

Au revoir!

Danni x


sophiewearing said...

OOOO enjoy your holiday and your birthday! I neeeeed to go to the Mesmerist soon, it looks amazing fun from their FB page! Am I right in thinking it's by Zizis? xxx

daisychain said...

Ahahah I love the lady parts brooch!

Sophie said...

I need to raid your dresses! Come charity shopping with me? Haha!

Alex said...

Oh I'm exactly the same with outfit posts. I think people who show off something sparkly new in every post either have a massive wardrobe, excellent bargain hunting luck or lots of separates that they can mix and match. I don't fall into any of those categories :(

Hope you're having a truly wonderful time in France. Happy birthday!

Emma said...

So jealous you're off to the South of France; have a brilliant time and Happy Birthday! x

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