Friday, 5 August 2011

Spots and sports

I can't wait to finish work today. Apart from the obvious, I'm off to Broadstairs Folk Week for the weekend so lots of great music and cider drinking ahead! And although I love camping, with this dodgy weather it's quite nice that we're staying at a friend's parents house nearby. I have the world's heaviest bag to lug around on the train, my only excuse is that I'm packing for sunny and rainy weather...

I'm still going to bootcamp, doing quite well and going three times a week. My cheapy Primark trainers split after a few weeks so I thought I'd better spend more than a fiver on a new pair! I found a pair of Converse (but for fitness not the normal ones) reduced to £20 from £50 on Amazon.

Nice hey? I kind of wanted to keep them to wear and not mess them up with bootcamp but firmly decided to wear them. Then met my boyfriend on the stairs on my way out who said "Oh your new trainers are great, don't wear them to bootcamp you should keep them for good!" Yeah, THANKS!

Today I'm wearing another of my new Dorothy Perkins dresses. I loved the pattern of this, but not a big fan of the stretchy waistband, so I've covered it up with a belt.

Belt from a pair of New Look shorts.

Ice-cream necklace from Temporary Secretary

Vintage earrings from a charity shop.

I've got the last DP dress packed for the weekend so hopefully I'll get a picture of me wearing it in the sun!

Have good weekends everyone.

Danni x


Amii x said...

Eeeee, that's so pretty! DP have some really nice things in just now, shame I'm skint-o!
You really suit that dress :) xoxo

Lauren said...

Ah i love that ice cream necklace!!

Sophie - Country girl said...

love your dress and those cute vintage earrings. Hope the weather is kind to you :)

Alex said...

Oh I hate stretchy waistbands. They entirely put me off buying certain dresses. I think even with a belt I'd still feel annoyed by it!

Have a fab time this weekend.

Clazzerati said...

very cute dress, is that a peter pan collar i see? SUCH a fan of peter pan collars, have to control myself not to buy everything with one! xx

wholesale clothing said...

love the polka dress. and the ice cream necklace.

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