Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Failed outfit and lots of other stuff

At the moment I'm trying to wear the clothes I already own more often, instead of buying lots of new stuff that I don't have room for. So yesterday I wore this:

Primark top, New Look skirt via charity shop
H&M cardigan
With these earrings from Velvet:

Quite nice I thought. But no. Failed outfit. I seem to have a massive problem with skirts like this, and they just ride higher and higher up my legs when I walk just a few steps, until it's all puffed up in front and just looks weird. I went into town yesterday because I'm trying to find the Primark dress that Sophie and Char both blogged about recently, they make it look gorgeous but my Primark just doesn't do it, grr. Anyway, by the time I got there I was so annoyed with the skirt that I got a new one and changed into it in Primark aisles (yes, after I bought it!). The earrings also drove me mad, the noise of my hair brushing against them was so loud and annoying that I had to take them off (I don't wear my hair up), so all in all a massive failure! Ah well, I got a lovely new skirt out of it that I'll show you soon.

Next up, I was lucky enough to win a prize in the Crown and Glory competition recently, and the stuff was GORGEOUS.
Gorgeous flower clips, love these
A Maria Allen butterfly necklace - absolutely beautiful, I think this is my fave
The necklace...and a sneak peek of my new glasses that I'm sending off today to have my prescription put in...
Beautiful butterfly print scarf from TallyHo (another fave)
Funky hair clips
Very cool brooch from Teasemade

 And a stunning butterfly fascinator. Thank you Crown and Glory!

Lastly, my outfit for today. Definitely a comfy one after yesterday!

Dress from New Look, T-shirt from H&M, jacket from George at Asda, brooch from a charity shop in Cardiff, and earrings from a New York street stall.

Hope you didn't mind all the pictures!

Now actually really truly lastly; Doris.

Danni x


Jan xx said...

It's awful when an outfit looks really great on but turns out to be very impractical ! Either that or darn uncomfy :0( I love the yellow though ! xx

Well done on the prizes, they're fantastic ! I can't seem to resist anything with butterflies on, so I'm envious of it ALL.

And I really want a 'Doris' ! (Don't want much, do I?!) xxxx

Lauren said...

Doris is a cutie!! I hate those days when outfits just don't do anything you want them to!

Sophie - Country girl said...

I have so many outfit fails, its unreal! I can fully empathise.
You are so lucky to have won such amazing prizes, they're great. Love your new glasses, they really suit you x

Harriet said...

That skirt looks lovely, such a shame it rides up so nadly - I absolutely hate outfits like that - I have to keep checking I'm not flashing my knickers all day!

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

You have a very original style. I really like the butterfly hair thing. Sorry I don't know the lingo.

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Lovely outfit, love the butterfly necklace <3.

Sadie x

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